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Compost is necessary for repairing your garden's soil, restoring nutrients, and providing nourishment that keeps your roots hardy.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies offers a variety of quality bagged compost that will replenish the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus of your garden organically.

You can buy compost in 25L bags or if a bulk order is required by the ton, either way it will be quickly dispatched to you.

In Brisbane, orders placed before 8:00 am will be sent out that day!

Get Quality Compost & Soil Improvers from Centenary Landscaping Supplies

Browse our range of compost below, order compost per ton and other outstanding quality landscaping supplies Brisbane wide with Centenary Landscaping Supplies. Call us on 07 3373 4999 with any further questions.

Compost & Soil Improvers

Compost  is a gardener’s best friend. It provides the organic material that helps maintain optimal soil conditions for plants and flowers while also providing nutrients for your garden! Bagged compost can be made by layering fresh materials on top of old ones, or it can be purchased from your local nursery. The benefits are many, including better moisture retention in dry climates, improved soil structure, and enhanced pH balance. 

Bagged Compost

Compost feeds the microorganisms which in turn maintains the health of your soil. Buy compost from Centenary Landscaping Supplies and know that we provide premium calibre bagged compost suitable for a variety of gardening projects. Great for decomposing clay and helping to  increase the body in sand while aiding in its ability to retain water. Our compost excels at:

Earthgrow Composted Bark Fines

A top of the line compost that can be used in gardens to rejuvenate your soil and create the perfect ecosystem for microorganisms and earthworms. Fine grained and deeply coloured, Earthgrow is a great all-purpose compost. 

  • Made from Slash Bark composted for three months
  • Low bulk density
  • Available for purchase in 25L bag or by the cubic Metre
  • Bulk volume option available

Enviro Compost and Humus

Environmentally friendly and filled with nutrients to make your garden bloom. Developed from organic plant matter that feeds soil microbes and creatures, it is liquid and green waste free. 

  • Raises calcium
  • Lowers soil sodium
  • Stops nutrient leaching
  • Cost effective alternative for chemical fertiliser
  • Significant micro-organism count
  • Fantastic cation exchange ability
  • Buy a 25L bag or by the Tonne or fraction there of
  • Bulk volume option available

Active 8 Compost

Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Active 8A helps improve your soil and was created to be used directly with plants. Makes your soil better while helping your garden thrive, particularly vegetable gardens. Also excellent for shrubs and trees.

Composed of the following ingredients:

  • Organic compost blend
  • Chicken and cow manure compost
  • Blood and bone
  • Gypsum
  • Fish meal
  • Seaweed extract
  • And more

UltraGROW Soil Conditioner

Created liquid and green waste free, Centenary Landscaping Supplies manufactures this soil conditioner so our customers can have the best available compost for their projects.

  • Designed to mimic humus and provide a nurturing growing environment
  • Lowers the amount of nutrients leached from soils
  • Researched for years to help produce vibrant plants
  • Long lasting positive impact on your soil
  • Available in 25L bags or by m3
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