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For your landscaping building materials, Centenary Landscaping stocks the highest quality products, perfect for home improvement and commercial projects. From timber and stone supplies to sands and concreting materials, browse our range of building materials Brisbane trusts. To ensure your construction designs hold for longer, we stock only the highest quality construction materials.

  • Cement & Concreting

    Cement & Concreting

    Our wide range of cement and concrete products have been tried and tested to suit harsh Australian conditions, ensuring you can deliver great outcomes in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether you’re looking to buy cement, buy concrete, or buy concreting supplies, browse our range of products here!

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  • Filling & Compacting

    Filling & Compacting

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  • Rock, Stone & Gravel

    Rock, Stone & Gravel

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  • Sands & Blends

    Sands & Blends

    For those wanting to elevate the finish and reduce the maintenance requirements of their pavers, shop our range of filling sands. Hard setting gap sand and dry joint fill sand are available for purchase today.

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  • Stormwater Solutions

    Stormwater Solutions

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  • Timber


    Centenary Landscaping Supplies are your trusted Brisbane timber suppliers, stocking all the high-grade timber you’ll need for your landscaping construction projects. If you’re looking to buy timber, look no further! Whether you’re building a fence, garden bed, garden edging or a retaining wall, we have you covered.

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