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Enviro Compost

$279.00 / Tonne

Enviro Compost /T (0.68)

Enviro Compost is a biologically stable, organic fertiliser and soil conditioner processed from natural organic plant material. It has a high percentage of organic carbon, twice that of raw and stockpiled manure, to feed soil microbes and organisms. Its excellent concentrations of calcium can be utilised to offset gypsum and lime applications.

Enviro Compost is processed to HACCP accreditation standards and conforms to AS4454 for soil conditioners.

  • Excellent cation exchange capacity.
  • Prevents nutrient leaching.
  • Improves soil quality and disease and pest resistance.
  • Economically viable substitute for chemical fertiliser.
  • High micro-organism counts.
  • Reduces inorganic fertiliser needs.
  • Buffers soil from abrupt pH changes.
  • Increases calcium.
  • Reduces soil sodium.
  • Increases soil organic carbon (organic matter).
  • Buffers nitrogen drawdown caused by some organic mulch and excess crop residue.
  • Low in phosphorus levels for native plants

Suggested Application Rates

In most broad-acre, circumstances Enviro Compost should be applied at a rate of 5 tonnes per hectare or 2 tonnes per acre. Landscape application rates are 2 – 3kgs per m². Users should note that inorganic fertiliser demand will reduce immediately and further over time as soil biology improves. As an amendment to sand for top dressing 5-10% should be added to the sand prior to application.

1m3 = 0.68 Tonne

Weight 1000 kg
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1m3 = 0.8 Tonne

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