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Lawns & Lawn Care

You could have the best lawn in the street, no suburb… state! Start with the best quality turf such as Sir Walter Buffalo or Sir Grange Zoysia and pair it with nutrient rich under turf or top dressing. Don’t forget to keep on top of your nutrient programme. A scheduled maintenance program is essential for sustained healthy growth and vigour. UltraGrow and lawns are a perfect match.

  • Fertilisers


    Whether you're tackling a big landscaping project or a DIY job, fertilisers and herbicides are key, especially in the early days of setting up your garden. Grab everything you need from one spot and have it shipped right to your door. Not sure what to pick? Check out our guides to find the best products to help your gardens thrive.

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  • Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic turf isn’t just a great option for those wanting an immaculate property without maintenance. This range of turf also stops allergies triggered by pollen, reduces infesting insects such as ants and lawn beetles, and also drains and wears better than normal grass does, meaning there are no bare patches of dirt from constant use or harsh weather.

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  • Turf Soil Blends

    Turf Soil Blends

    There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on quality turf hoping for the most luscious green grass, only to see lackluster results. Choose from our range of turf soil for sale Brisbane wide and protect your investment by giving your turf the best chance of success.

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  • Turf Varieties

    Turf Varieties

    At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we have access to some of the best Turf available in Southeast QLD, from Couch to Soft Leaf Buffalo. We have 5 fantastic, top-quality, A-grade turf species to choose from, including Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf, Empire Zoysia Turf, Blue Couch Turf, and Green Couch Turf.

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  • Weeds & Pests

    Weeds & Pests

    Browse our full range of lawn weed killers and garden pesticides. Browse, shop & order online or visit us in-store to buy in person.

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