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Cement & Concreting

Cement is the glue that brings your landscaping together, literally! Whether you need a bag or a pallet, we’ve got you covered. Or grab handy pre-mixed products to set a post, paver or block. All available in handy 20kg bags for easy handling on the job site.
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Filling & Compacting

Filling and compacting products refer to bulk material used for filling holes or compacting underneath new concrete or paving. These products are usually not used as a finished surface, but in some cases modified compaction materials can be successfully used for driveways and pathways. Modification means the addition of cement powder to make the finished surface more durable.

Rock, Stone & Gravel

Pebble and gravel are the unsung heroes in most landscape construction. They are multi-purpose and can be used behind retaining walls for drainage, on driveways, in concrete mixes, and the list goes on. We deliver gravel supplies Brisbane wide, suitable for landscaping projects of any size.

Decorative pebbles – 3 great uses in the garden

Decorative stone makes for the perfect ground cover in garden beds as mulch, pathways, driveways and areas around the house where a something just a bit more “pretty” then bark or mulch is required. With the ever expanding and wide range of decorative pebble options available on the market it’s no wonder you can choose almost any colour of the rainbow!

Landscaping Sands & Blends

From laying bricks, blocks and pavers, to building sandpits or a Zen Garden oasis, our amazing variety of sand both decorative or for construction can do it all. One of the benefits of using Centenary Landscaping Supplies is that we take the cleanliness of our sand seriously. All of our sand is stored in individual concrete bays, reducing the chance of contamination and ensuring optimal quality.

From sandpits to golf courses

Sand has so many uses in landscape construction. Whether you are building a sandpit for the kids or top dressing the lawn to get a professional result, we’ve got it all.

Almost of construction requires sand and at Centenary Landscaping Supplies we have the best quality sand sourced from around the South-East and beyond.

Choosing the right
sand for your project

Bricks, Blocks & Pavers

Construction sand is the foundation for all brick, block and paving projects and quality sand can make or break a job. Our sand is high quality and clean, preferred by tradies around Brisbane.

For paving, bedding sand is best and for laying bricks and blocks, we stock both Brickies Loam and Washed Pit Sand. The former as the name suggests is the preferred option for bricks which the latter is for blocks, and also perfect for paving mortar edges.

Sand Pits & Jumping Pits

Sand is commonly used in sand pits, jumping pits and playgrounds. We would recommend White Sand for new sandpit, although Washed Pit Sand makes great sand castles. Certified Soft Fall Sand is certified to AS4422 as a soft landing product and is perfect for under play equipment such as swings or in jumping pits. 

Centenary Landscaping offers a number of specialist sands for all applications, speak to the team for advice on which is right for your project.

Lawn Top Dressing

For top dressing, Washed Pit Sand or Fairway Pro-MAXX are the pick of the bunch, perfect for a fine lawn where a cylinder mower is used. Sand is best used as a top dress after coring or aeration which is the process of punching small holes into your lawn and removing a core of compact. Using sand in this case allows the coarse sand particles to fall into the newly punched holes improving the soil drainage and permeability.

Alternate between organic based top soils and sand top dressing each season to ensure your lawn is receiving enough of the good stuff the thrive.

Stormwater Solutions

Poorly handled water on or around your property can cause huge amount of damage both in the short term and long. Handling stormwater and overland flow should be on top of your list when designing a landscape which should include both sub-surface and surface level drainage solutions combined with properly graded surface finishes.


Timber is a versatile and environmentally sympathetic building material. Most landscaping timbers have been ethically sourced from plantation pine and often is milled from the timber not “pretty” enough for the building industry. Whether you’re building a fence or a timber retaining wall, we’ve got you covered.
All timber at Centenary Landscaping Supplies is treated using either CCA and ACQ treatment methods. Untreated timber should never be used in a landscaping setting where there is direct contact with the earth. Proper treatment protects the timber from both fungal (rotting) and insect attack (termites).



Some useful DIY tips

With the ever expanding and wide range of Pebble options available on the market it’s no wonder you can now choose almost any colour of the rainbow!

Let’s have a look at what we think are the three specific ways in which you can creatively define the outdoor spaces around your home. 

One inherent problem when using masonry and concrete products around the home is efflorescence and no we are not referring to a fizzy drink!

At Centenary Landscaping, we supply a wide range of landscaping accessories for all your landscape planning and design projects.

Whether you’re hiring a professional or engaging in a DIY project, find everything you need right here online and in store.

We believe that landscaping and gardening accessories are the silent heroes of designing a property the way you want, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide our customers with the right tools to get their job done seamlessly and as stress-free as possible.

To purchase our landscaping and garden accessories, browse our range online now or visit us at 26 Sumners Rd, Darra.

Got a Question?

If you consider yourself a handyman, or you’re looking for products and equipment for a landscape construction project, you’ve come to the right place. With all the advice you could ask for below, you’ll be able to get stuck into your design projects with some great information from the team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies.

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