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Creative Gardening Ideas

Creating an interesting space in your back (or front) yard can bring that extra touch of panache to your entire property. Continue reading below to check out our creative gardening ideas for inspiration, and head on to the Centenary Landscaping online shop for all the landscaping supplies and gardening accessories you need in your next project.

Let’s have a look at what we think are the three specific ways in which you can creatively define the outdoor spaces around your home. Our creative gardening ideas can be split into these three areas:

  • Creative garden edging ideas . . .
  • Creative planter ideas . . .
  • . . . and creative ideas for a tree stump.

Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Amongst creative gardening ideas, creative garden edging can be as simple and easy or as creative and involved as you need, giving you several options to work with, depending on the results you are looking to achieve.


Pavers can be a great way to achieve creative garden edging. Pavers are not just a practical item for creating patios or paths, but thanks to their inherently decorative nature, they are a great way of unleashing your creativity along the edge of your garden. A smart placement of pavers along the edge of a garden can create modern-looking, neat, and tidy boundary with plenty of straight angles, giving the area a well-defined and formal look.

Concrete Garden Edging

Concrete garden edging is a landscaping solution specifically designed for separating your lawn from the garden bed, preventing turf runners from creeping into the plant areas and defining clear zones for your plants. Concrete garden edging may be a great choice if you are looking to create garden boundaries that mesh well and compliment your pavers while using a solution specifically designed for delineating spaces in a garden. Concrete garden edging can come in a variety of styles and colour options to suite your specific tastes.

Metal Garden Edging

Metal garden edging can be creatively used to add a bit of contrasting character to your garden space by creating neat and thin, rounded edges. This kind of edging gives your several choices to work with in terms of looks, depending on what type of metal you decide to go with. The options can include stainless steel with that extra shine, brushed aluminium, copper, or grungy rusted steel.

Timber Garden Edging

Timber garden edging lets you achieve a more natural and traditional, country-style look with a variety of timbers to choose from depending on what exactly you are going for.

Regardless of which of our options for creative garden edging ideas you decide to go with, browse our entire range of garden edging available online and order now.

Decorative Pebbles & Gravels

With decorative pebbles & gravels you can not only add ground cover around paths or driveways. You can also, for example, add a narrow belt of pebbles between the garden or a lawn and a foot path or a driveway to create a rocky edge strip that really catches the eye.

Whatever the creative garden edging ideas you decide to pursue in your project, we stock a range of pebbles and gravel to give you plenty of options in materials to work with.

Creative Planter Ideas

Strategically placing your potted plants around your garden is a great way of accessorising your outdoor space. You can fill out empty spaces and create plant screens that simultaneously provide added privacy and an eye catching feature.

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