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DIY Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Enrich your garden with quality soil, mulch and compost

A well-cared-for garden can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. However, caring for your garden is so much more than simply mowing the lawns once a week and putting on a sprinkler when in a dry spell. Using quality materials when establishing your gardens will set you in good stead moving forward but it is also important to perform regular maintenance in and around your gardens to ensure continued healthy growth.

Tasks such as top dressing your lawn, topping up garden bed soil, re-mulching, working in composted material, fertilising, pruning and cutting back plants should all be on your seasonal and yearly gardening chores list.

Take a look below for some seasonal gardening tasks and your essential garden maintenance articles.

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Popular Gardening Products

UltraGrow Black Label Soil

Black label Garden Soil is preloaded with enriched fertilisers feeding your plants for up to 6-months. The sustainable organic wetting agents reduce watering by up to 50% while the bio-inoculants make your soil a living organism improving with age.

UltraGrow Special Blend Top Dressing

A robust soil for under and over turf or as a finely 6mm screened garden soil. This top dressing is a lighter sandy loam from the same source as Valley Natural but it has been processed through a 6mm screen making it one of the finest 80% soil-based top dressings on the market.

UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner

A scientifically crafted soil conditioner incorporating the best available composts and biological additives to create this spectacular soil conditioner that’s free of liquid and green waste.

Tea Tree Mulch

The Tree Mulch is naturally dark and extremely fragrant mulch from the Tea Tree. With natural Tea Tree oils present, the perfume given off is refreshing. Has been reported to deter insect activity with the presence of natural oils.


Expert Advice for a Great Home & Garden!

Garden Tips

Your guide to fertilisers

What is the purpose of fertiliser in the garden? Like humans, plants require food, water and sunlight to flourish. They obtain the majority of their nutrients directly from the soil,

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