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UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner

$299.00 m3

UltraGROW Activator Soil Conditioner/m3

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Activator Soil Conditioner is a scientifically crafted soil conditioner incorporating the best available composts and biological additives to create this spectacular soil conditioner that’s free of liquid and green waste. It’s laboratory certified passing Australian Standards AS-4454 and contains a high concentration of microbial inoculants, rock minerals and wetting compounds. All this replicates the living organism called humus which is found on the forest floor after many years of decay.


  • Enviro Compost / Humus
  • Fish Meal
  • Humic compounds
  • pH stabalisers
  • Three long-term soil wetter compounds
  • Enriched composed animal manure
  • Microbial inoculants
  • Sea-weed concetrate
  • Bio-char
  • Blood & bone
  • Gypsum
  • Zeolite
  • Worm casts

Benefits of using UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner:

All the above ingredients help create a stable and rich growing environment that nurtures and adds living microbial activity which is missing in most soils. After application plant growth is guaranteed to be amazing. The three long-term wetting agents help reduce watering and leaching of nutrients out of the soil into the environment.

Why use UltraGrow Activator Soil Conditioner?

The whole idea of a garden is to have healthy plants. Activator Soil Conditioner is the result of demanding research into producing a natural soil revitaliser that will bring your garden back to life and nurture plant health for many years. It’s the ‘elixir of plant life’ in your garden adding a full suite of over thirteen natural nutrients to your soil that will last many years.

Rejuvenate tired garden soils enrich your vegetable garden:

Activator Soil Conditioner is absolutely ideal for use in edible garden beds because it’s free of liquid and green waste, so you can be confident it has not been exposed to possible contaminants. Of course, it is also ideal for use in tired and undernourished ornamental garden beds, planter boxes and raised gardens. It is recommended that Activator Soil Conditioner be worked into the top 100-200 mm of your existing soil or added on top of the soil as a no-dig option.

Fertiliser and Watering:

A thorough watering is required after planting to activate the microbes and nutrients. These essential nutrients last up to six months or more while the bio inoculants make this a living soil conditioner resulting in healthy plant growth for many years.

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