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3 things you must do in the garden this spring

Spring is well and truly here, so of course, all eyes turn to our gardens. Read on for the essential three-step process you’ll need to ensure a green and pleasant space at your place come summer.

1. Cast a critical eye

If you have plants that aren’t working, replace them. There’s no point persisting in a bad choice. Sometimes even the greenest of green thumbs need to accept that gardening is not a precise science, but rather an ever-changing experiment. Now might be the perfect time to experiment or try something new or maybe never considered in the past. Now, this doesn’t mean a complete redesign, but as simple as upgrading an old pot, planting some summer bulbs, or replacing that tired old woody shrub with some beautiful flowering perennials or grasses. Sometimes evens the smallest of changes is all it takes to reinvigorate your garden for the season ahead.

2. Encourage growth with fertiliser

Usually, the warmer weather and increased rainfall guarantee some fresh growth through spring but why not make sure what’s there will grow well?  You should fertilise your entire garden, both plants and lawns seasonally and most importantly during spring when plants are trying to shake off their winter blues. The best option is products from the UltraGrow range of garden, lawn fertilisers and conditioners.
Remember, new young growth in leaves and flowers can bring unwanted attention. Pay extra attention for pests and disease on new growth such as aphids and snails. Aphids can be squashed or treated. Snails and slugs can be trapped or deterred.

3. Maximum mulch

Yes, there’s nothing like a bit of hard graft. As tough as it sounds, a big fresh load of mulch on your gardens is the key to a healthy garden. Mulch will be your greatest ally in preparing for the hot summer month. It provides insulation for the soil and does a great job keeping it cool and moist while acting as a protective layer from the summer heat; it will also keep the weeds at bay. Remember to keep the mulch away from the trunk or stem of the plant as excess moisture may cause the stems to rot.  Mulch to a depth of around 70 – 100mm as a guide, and remember to keep topping up the mulch as the summer goes on.

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