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For your next gardening project, whether it’s for a residential garden or large-scale a commercial project, select from our best-selling gardening products. If you’re looking for gardening supplies online, browse the extensive range of gardening supplies at Centenary Landscaping.

When selecting the perfect supplies for your next gardening project, Centenary Landscaping’s extensive range of gardening supplies has you covered. Our best-selling items have been carefully selected to offer the highest quality materials and machinery to aid in making your desired project a reality, whether it be in a residential garden or large-scale commercial application. With an online shopping experience has never been simpler, come explore our extensive selection today and find the right supplies for any size job.

Bark and Mulch – Choose from an extensive range of bark and mulch for your outdoor project. Whether it’s nutrient-rich mulch that’s planting boosting or economical mulch alternatives, we stock it!

Compost – Improve your landscape with our compost and soil improvers. Get the best available composts and biological additives when you purchase your gardening supplies online at Centenary Landscapes.

Decorative Stones – Enhance the beauty of your garden and impress your family and guests. Our decorative stones are available in bulk purchases, ideal for bigger projects.

Lawn Fertilisers – Efficiently grow grass with our range of fertilisers, perfect for any condition of your garden.

Garden Edging – Decorate your garden with these edging supplies. Whether it’s metal edging, stone and concrete edging or timber edging, Centenary Landscaping is your one-stop garden care supplies shop.

Potting Mix – Healthy flowers and herbs are essential to any garden, that’s why our range of potting mix is of premium quality.

Soil Delivery – Whether you need garden soil, podium soil, turf soils or top-dressing soils, Centenary Landscaping stock your garden care supplies.

Ultragrow – One of the best gardening products in the market today, Centenary Landscaping stocks Ultragrow’s liquid fertiliser, granular fertiliser and growing media.

Buy gardening supplies for your next project from Centenary Landscaping. We stock a wide range of top-quality gardening products to ensure any project, big or small, looks its best. Contact us today to learn more about our garden and landscaping supplies.

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