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Gardening & Garden Care

For your next gardening project, whether for a residential garden or a large-scale commercial project, select from our best-selling gardening products. If you’re looking for gardening supplies online, browse the extensive range of gardening supplies at Centenary Landscaping.

  • Bark & Mulch

    Bark & Mulch

    Choose from an extensive range of bark and mulch for your outdoor project. Whether it’s a nutrient-rich mulch that’s plant-boosting or economical mulch alternatives, we stock it!

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  • Compost & Soil Improvers

    Compost & Soil Improvers

    Improve your landscape with our compost and soil improvers. Get the best available composts and biological additives when you purchase your gardening supplies online at Centenary Landscapes.

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  • Decorative Stone

    Decorative Stone

    Enhance the beauty of your garden and impress your family and guests. Our decorative stones are available in bulk purchases, ideal for bigger projects.

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  • Fertilisers


    Whether you’re planning a major landscaping design or simply undertaking a DIY project, fertilisers are an important part, especially for the health and wellbeing of your gardens in the establishment period.

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  • Garden Edging Solutions

    Garden Edging Solutions

    Decorate your garden with these edging supplies. Whether it’s metal edging, stone and concrete edging or timber edging, Centenary Landscaping is your one-stop garden care supplies shop.

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  • Potting Mix

    Potting Mix

    We offer professional potting mixes for all kinds of gardening projects – from orchids and roses to tomatoes! Browse our range of potting mix products online today.

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  • Soil - Garden & Turf

    Soil - Garden & Turf

    At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we offer the UltraGrow Collection of garden and turf soils free from green waste. This collection is a science-based solution that will last for years to come! Check out our  soil garden turf  options, improving soil improvers and top dressing.

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  • UltraGrow


    UltraGrow’s lawn and garden care supplies are biologically enhanced growing media, garden fertilisers, liquid conditioners and granules that stimulate the natural growth processes and improve soil structure. Together they are your complete kit for a healthy lawn, garden, and soil.

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