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Gardening & Garden Care


Bark & Mulch

Mulching is a great way to protect the roots of plants and shrubs from excessive heat, frost, drought, and soil erosion. Mulches also reduce weed growth and add nutrients back into the ground. Bark based mulches are one of the most popular choices because they come in many grades for different purposes. There’s no better time than now to start protecting your garden with mulch! We also offer bagged bark mulch for larger gardening projects.

Different types of bark & mulch


The exterior layer of the tree, stripped and chipped. Bark tends to last forever in the garden beds, making it ideal for commercial applications or in areas you only want to do once. Most commonly, our barks are from the pine trees.


Mulch is the bark, timber and foliage of the tree, shredded to a much finer consistency. Most mulch is generated as the by-product of other industries. Red Cypress Mulch is one of our most popular and is a gorgeous rusty red that is great for use in all manner of gardens. Made from cypress pine trees which is naturally pest resistant.

Green-waste mulch

Manufactured the same as mulch from material sourced from the waste industry.  This low cost mulch is great for the typical garden and environment sustainable.  Green Harvest and Aged Chippers has shown itself to be very popular for use in parks and large projects.

Wood-chip mulch

Made from timber sent through a chipper, these square chips are durable and nice looking. Our Cypress Woodchips have a golden hue, pleasing smell and are sized and shaped consistently. As with our other cypress products, it is said to help keep ants and termites out of your garden.

Compost & Soil Improvers

Compost  is a gardener’s best friend. It provides the organic material that helps maintain optimal soil conditions for plants and flowers while also providing nutrients for your garden! Bagged compost can be made by layering fresh materials on top of old ones, or it can be purchased from your local nursery. The benefits are many, including better moisture retention in dry climates, improved soil structure, and enhanced pH balance. 


Decorative Stone

Decorative pebble and gravel is the unsung hero in most landscape construction and is used behind retaining walls for drainage, on driveways, in concrete mixes, and the list goes on. We deliver gravel supplies Brisbane wide, suitable for landscaping projects of any size and be usable for walkways, patios, drainage solutions and firepits.

Garden Edging

Garden Edging comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. The most popular continues to be metal edging from brand such as Linkedge, Formboss and Straighcurve featuring the in vogue decorative rust inherent to oxidised steel. Natural stone, concrete and rock can all effectively be used so edge a garden bed or border a lawn not to mention trusty and cost effective timber.

Potting Mix

The type of  potting mix  that you choose for your plant is a crucial decision. Depending on the type of plant, there are many different options available to you. Here at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we offer professional potting mixes for all kinds of gardening projects – from orchids and roses to tomatoes! And it’s not just about what type of soil your plant prefers- it’s also essential to consider the environment that your plants will be growing in. For example, if you live in an area with high humidity and low light levels, then you might want to opt for a blend that contains more peat moss than bark mulch. Browse our range of potting mix DIY gardening supplies today.

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Nutrient Rich Soils & Potting Mixes

Our UltraGrow collection is one-of-a-kind and garden soil Brisbane horticulturists rely on due to its complete absence of liquid and green-waste. UltraGrow is a unique garden soil for sale only by Centenary Landscaping Supplies and provides you with a soil distinct in quality and performance.
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Soil - Garden & Turf

Garden soils  are the foundation of your landscaped garden. The wrong soil can lead to many problems, including poor drainage and weed growth. At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we offer the our UltraGrow Collection of garden and turf soils free from green waste for landscaped gardens. This collection is a science-based solutions that will last for years to come! Check out some of our  soil garden turf  options, improving soil improvers and top dressing. 

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Soil - Garden & Turf


Some useful DIY tips

If you’re new to gardening, or just want to update your arsenal, these are the essential tools of the trade every gardening needs.

Compost is the semi-stabilised product obtained after organic materials have undergone biological degradation under controlled conditions. Basically, compost is organic matter.

Here are the 5 most important things you need to know before getting started.

Gardens are a great way to add curb appeal, increase your property value and create a space that you can enjoy.

But how do you get started with such a project?

It is essential to carefully plan what type of garden you want before moving forward, as this will determine the gardening supplies required.

If you are looking for an organic garden, it’s worth considering using quality soil conditioners like mulch or compost as these can improve soil drainage and condition while also helping reduce weeds in the surrounding area.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies

If you consider yourself a handyman, or you’re looking for products and equipment for a landscape construction project, you’ve come to the right place. With all the advice you could ask for below, you’ll be able to get stuck into your design projects with some great information from the team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies.
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