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Lawns & Lawn Care Supplies

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Turf Varieties

At Centenary Landscaping Supplies we have access to some of the best Turf available in South-East Queensland, from Couch to Soft Leaf Buffalo. In fact, in total we have 5 fantastic top quality, A-grade turf species to choose from including Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf, Empire Zoysia Turf, Blue Couch Turf and Green Couch Turf species. When you order turf online, you can expect to take delivery within 24-48 hours, our staff will be in touch to confirm stock in hand and to arrange a delivery window that suits you. For larger orders, we always recommend ordering your turf in advance to guarantee availability when you need it.

Fertilisers for Lawns

Whether you’re planning a major landscaping design for your property or simply undertaking a DIY project, fertilisers and herbicides are an important part, especially for the health and wellbeing of your gardens in the establishment period. By offering our herbicides and fertilisers online, you can easily purchase everything you need in one place and have it delivered right to your door. If you’re unsure about what products you need for the longevity of your projects, follow our fertiliser and herbicide guide to know exactly what products can benefit your tasks.

Herbicides & Pest Control

Turf Soil Blends

There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on quality turf hoping for the most luscious green grass, only to see lackluster results. Choose from our range of turf soil for sale Brisbane wide and protect your investment by giving your turf the best chance of success.


Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf isn’t just a great option for those wanting an immaculate property without maintenance. This range of turf also stops allergies triggered by pollen, reduces infesting insects such as ants and lawn beetles, and also drains and wears better than normal grass does, meaning there are no bare patches of dirt from constant use or harsh weather. The Urban Turf landscaping products are made using UV stabilised yarns to create blades that emulate real grass. The backing of these panels is then applied to the weave, ensuring water resistance and shock resistant bonds. Our Urban Turf range has been designed specifically to suit the growing modern lifestyle’s of today, providing luxurious surfaces that add value to your home.

Choosing the right
synthetic turf for you

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Urban Windsor

The Urban Windsor synthetic turf looks and feels just like natural grass, providing great durability and a soft feel while incorporating state of the art Polyethylene multi-filament yarn. Our UV protected turf was made to outlast the harsh Australian weather and allows for a hassle and stress-free landscape.


Urban Leisure

Our Urban Leisure series is part of our non-directional range of synthetic turf and provides a great surface for golf putting and general floor covering. From patios and pools to balconies as well, this durable and firm surface can handle anything.

Urban Madrid

The Urban Madrid turf looks and feels like real grass and can be used for a variety of landscape projects including the installation of sporting grounds. If you’re needing something that can withstand the weather and not lose its bounce during hard play, our Urban Madrid synthetic turf can do the job.


Some useful DIY tips

How to Install a New Lawn

If you’re planning on tackling a turfing project yourself this weekend, check out this fantastic DIY Turfing Video for a step-by-step from Lawn Solutions Australia as they walk through the process from start to finish. Following these simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve a professional quality finish that you’ll be proud of!

You can also download our printable DIY Guide PDF above to keep on hand incase you get stuck!

Lawn Establishment and Care

Caring for Your Lawn

First thing we cannot emphasise enough, is how important it is to water your new lawn as soon as you have laid it. If you don’t water it, it will dry out and start turning brown and look very average.

How to Top Dress Your Lawn

Top dressing is an essential component of a healthy lawn care regime. It is used to correct any uneven areas of your lawn or after coring, dethatching or aerating. We recommend UltraGrow Special Blend Top Dressing.

Removing Thatch

You may have noticed your lawn has a build-up of dead organic matter, excessive roots and stems that have developed within the profile of your grass. This is a natural process caused by your lawn producing more organic matter than what can be broken down.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

To treat a compacted lawn you must aerate the soil. Just like aerating puts bubbles of air into your soft-drink, aerating your lawn is quite simply supplying the soil with air. Aerating will allow better penetration of oxygen, fertiliser, nutrients and water into the soil.

Top dressing should only be completed during the growing season (this is when you need to mow your lawn weekly) and the earlier in the season the better. Generally, late spring to early summer is best.
We’ve compiled a guide of lawn care and maintenance tips & tricks to keep your garden looking fresh during winter.

There are only 2 reasons you would ever need to top dress a new or established lawn. The first is to improve the level, fill in holes or fix the grade and the second is to add nutrient back into the soil as part of your annual or regular lawn care program.

Create the perfect lawn for your home

The team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies work very hard at presenting the best possible product to fit your budget and are highly skilled at maximising your landscaping dollar. We realise we live in a highly competitive world, and we are upfront with our pricing making it freely available online and in-store.

If our pricing does not impress you but our helpful service, fantastic display yard, huge website, unmatched customer service both before and after sales, then we will be happy to match any competitive quote provided it is not below our cost price.

Once you have settled on a turf variety, if one of our competitors can do it better, then let us know and we will do our very best to match that. You will never be disappointed shopping with Centenary Landscaping Supplies and over 30-years of loyal service to Brisbane residents is a testament to that. Shop with confidence knowing Centenary Landscaping Supplies stands by our products, service and guarantee.

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