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Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Winter isn’t always the kindest time of year for your lawn and garden, which means that it may need a little extra TLC in order to thrive. But aside from mowing the grass, what can you do to ensure your lawn looks great all year round – and doesn’t end up in the dreaded ‘brown and dry’ territory? To help, we’ve compiled a guide of lawn care and maintenance tips & tricks to keep your garden looking fresh during winter:

Lawn Care Ideas: A quick guide

Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips #1: Water your lawn

Deep watering your lawn at once a week allows for better root development and is especially good to do right after mowing. It’s best to water in the morning, as it allows the lawn to dry off during the day which makes it less susceptible to weeds and diseases.

Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips #2: Fertilise your lawn

A good quality garden soil is imperative to growing a strong, healthy lawn, so be sure to regularly fertilise your lawn with a soil that’s a special blend of sand, silt and clay. Moisturising your lawn with water and soil is key to helping it survive the rough, winter months. Our Ultra Grow platinum garden soil blend creates the perfect environment for your lawn to thrive in. 

Lawn Care Tips #3: Fight weeds

Because grass grows slowly during the cooler months, it makes it more susceptible to weeds. Of all the weeds, the aptly named ‘winter grass’ is the most common and can quickly take over your entire lawn if you’re not careful. It’s also the kind of weed that will come back with a vengeance the year after, so nip it in the bud while you can.

 Lawn Maintenance Tips #4: Mow your lawn

 Though it’s a given, mowing your lawn is imperative to its health, though not needed as much in winter. As the grass grows slower, it’s worth raising your mowers trimmer to a greater height or cutting less often. If you do cut your grass at the same rate as you do during summer with the same blade height, you could risk making your grass brown.

Lawn Maintenance Tips #5: Aerate your lawn

 Your lawn needs oxygen to grow, so regularly aerating it by perforating the soil will allow nutrients to be absorbed into the soil. This is particularly important is your lawn is used frequently, as the heavy foot traffic can cause soil to compact over time. A simple pitchfork is all that’s needed, but for larger yards it may be worth investing in a soil aerator.

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