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Aussie Blue Couch

$11.05 m2

Aussie Blue Couch /M2 (USE 73TINAB)

Aussie Blue (Digitaria didactyla)

Visual Description

Aussie Blue is a beautiful, natural looking turf grass very similar to QLD Blue Couch, with a blue-green color and a soft, lush feel and a fine-medium leaf blade. Aussie Blue has a tighter leaf and root structure to that of regular QLD Blue Couch.


This turf is well suited to low nutrient conditions ie. Coastal sandy soils, schools, parks, acreage lawns and nature strips etc. Aussie Blue has better winter colour retention than most, including standard Blue Couch, whilst its drought and wear tolerance are very much on par. Maintains a closer, tighter mat of stolons giving better ground surface coverage than for common blue couch and is more resistant to weed invasion particularly under low fertility conditions.

Maintenance Characteristics

  • During the growing season (September-May) mow every 7 days
  • During the winter mow every 2 weeks.
  • Minimal seed head production.
  • More shade tolerant than standard blue couch.
  • Some herbicides are not suitable for QLD Blue Couch, Aussie Blue has similar intolerances.
  • Low maintenance, requiring only mowing but response very well to a regular fertilizing regime.
  • Fast summer growth.
Weight 1 kg
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Conversion Guide

Sold by the m2 – Slab size 1200x600mm (0.72m2)

Turf Type

Fine Leaf

Slab Size

1200mm x 600mm (0.72m2)

Shade Tolerance

Average Tolerance (3-4 hrs/day)

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