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UltraGrow’s lawn and garden care supplies are biologically enhanced growing media, garden fertilisers, liquid conditioners and granules that stimulate the natural growth processes and improve soil structure. Together they are your complete kit for a healthy lawn, garden, and soil.

  • Granular Fertiliser

    Granular Fertiliser

    The UltraGrow® Collection of traditional lawn and garden granular fertilisers provides a full suite of nutrients designed to enhance lawn surfaces, plant, and soil health by providing slow-release balanced nutrition for strong root growth. Treat your lawn with our high-quality grass fertiliser to ensure a healthy and robust garden.

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  • Growing Media

    Growing Media

    The UltraGrow® Collection of growing media redefines quality landscaping soils, potting mixes, and conditioners. The range is infused with nutrients, nasty waste-free, long-lasting, and crafted in small batches. Demand more from your garden. Use UltraGrow.

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  • Liquid Fertiliser

    Liquid Fertiliser

    The UltraGrow® Collection of biologically enhanced liquid fertiliser for plants and liquid soil conditioners brings together the very best organically certified and inorganic ingredients to offer you a clear and concise approach to plant and soil health.

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