UltraGrow Ultima Garden Soil

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Ultima Garden Soil Blend /T (1.0)

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Ultima Garden Soil

Ultima Garden Soil Blend is an excellent mid-range UltraGrow product that is free of liquid and green waste. It has been scientifically formulated combining ideal ingredients to create an excellent garden soil that works.

It’s a blend of high-grade organics including our certified Enviro Compost AS-4454 and our Valley Natural Soil. Ultima is enhanced with fertilisers feeding your plants for up to 3-months and more. It is ideal for all kinds of garden applications including, garden beds, veggie patches, and digging into tired garden beds or under turf.


  • Natural topsoil,
  • Fully composted bark fines,
  • Enriched compost,
  • Rock minerals,
  • Fully composted cow and poultry manure,
  • Blood and bone,
  • Fish meal,
  • Seaweed concentrate,
  • Sulphate of Potash.
  • UltraGrow Restore Soil Conditioner
  • UltraGrow Moisture Balancer

1.0 Tonne = 1 m3

If you are still having trouble determining the best soil for you, visit the Soil Resource Guide here to read everything you need to know about the UltraGROW Soil Range or speak with knowledgeable Centenary Landscaping Supplies team.

The UltraGrow Collection

Terry O’Shea (Managing Director) has been working tirelessly with soil scientists and agronomist to source quality waste free ingredients to formulate the best possible growing media that far exceed any Australian Standard currently in use in the landscaping industry. The resulting products presented here offer spectacular plant growth for you and your garden giving your plants the best possible start without compromise.

Weight 1 kg

General Gardening, Top Soil, Under Turf, Vegetable Gardens

Conversion Guide

1.0 Tonne = 1 m3

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