UltraGrow Podium Soil On Slab A

$175.00 / Tonne

UltraGrow Podium Soil On Slab A

UltraGrow Podium Soil On Slab

UltraGrow Podium Soil On Slab is available in specific blends to suit both an A Horizon and B Horizon application. It is a lightweight soil mix designed and tested to meet rigorous standards set out by Simon Leake and Elke Haege in SLD, specifically in the area of On Slab application (Specification E1: On slab soil media ‘A’ Horizon & Specification E2: On slab soil media ‘B’ Horizon). This soil has been designed for use in large podium / suspended garden applications where waste-free quality is desired while plant health and ongoing plant support is a must.

On Slab A & B combines long-lasting sustainable media organic rock substrates that don’t slump and have enough nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 16-months. It’s liquid & green waste-free.

  • On Slab soil tested against Specification: E1 & E2 designed by Simon Leake and Elke in Soils for Landscape Development.
  • Suitable for Brisbane City Council On Slab Applications as set out in Brisbane Standard Drawing – BSD-9004
  • Blends that go far beyond the widely used standards set out in AS 4419:2018
  • Blended using AS-4454 compliant compost.
  • Free from liquid and industrial waste.
  • Incorporating a 16-month slow-release fertiliser, and trace elements to encourage healthy plant growth.
  • Approximate dry bulk density 800kg/m3
  • Approximate saturated bulk density 1.4T/m3
Many landscape industry professionals will be familiar with “Soils for Landscape Development – Selection, Specification and Validation (SLD)” written by Simon Leake and Elke Haege in 2014, highly regarded soil experts. It has become the go-to resource for Landscape Architects, specifiers and contractors around Australia. The manual is a fantastic resource that arms industry professionals with the knowledge needed at the design stage to ensure project gardens meet their full potential.


Weight 1000 kg
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Container Planting, Potting Plants

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1m3 = 800KG

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