UltraGrow Platinum Garden Soil

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Platinum Garden Soil /T (1.1)

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Platinum Garden Soil Blend

The rich dark pedigree of Platinum Garden Soil Blend is authentic to the essence of the UltraGrow brand which is ‘excellence without compromise’. Its scientific formulation is a 100% blend of ideal components free from liquid and green-waste. Importantly, it’s based on our intensely rich certified composted bark to maintain air-filled porosity and our certified black Enviro Humus-Compost AS-4454.

Platinum Garden Soil Blend comprises a very high concentration of bio-inoculants like Bacillus subtilis creating a living organism that matures and improves over time. Further, it’s made for immediate plant establishment and superior growth for up to 16-months and beyond. These features combined with 70% of our Valley Natural Soil and minerals create a crafted garden soil that is the industry leader… the absolute crème de la crème for garden lovers.


  • Natural top soil,
  • Fully composted bark fines,
  • Enriched compost,
  • Coir fibre,
  • Granulated ash,
  • Rock minerals,
  • Palagonite,
  • Seaweed concentrate,
  • Blood and bone,
  • Cation exchangers,
  • Composted animal manure,
  • Fish meal,
  • Bio-char,
  • Bio-inoculants,
  • Clay breakers,
  • Biogenic silica,
  • Humic compounds,
  • pH stabilisers
  • Long-term soil wetting agents, UltraGrow Moisture Balancer
  • UltraGrow Restore Soil Conditioner

When you choose to use Platinum Garden Soil for your garden project you can be assured that your new garden, plants or vegetables will have the very best possible start in their new environment without compromise. It’s ideal for all plant types and gardens including Veggie and Herb planters. It is a little heavier than most organic garden mixes and is licensed uniquely by CLS. You and your plants will love it.

1.1 Tonne = 1m3

The UltraGrow Collection

Terry O’Shea (Managing Director) has been working tirelessly with soil scientists and agronomist to source quality waste free ingredients to formulate the best possible growing media that far exceed any Australian Standard currently in use in the landscaping industry. The resulting products presented here offer spectacular plant growth for you and your garden giving your plants the best possible start without compromise.

Weight 1 kg

General Gardening, Top Soil, Under Turf, Vegetable Gardens

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1.1 Tonne = 1m3

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