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Aquaten Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agent


Aquaten incorporates high quality volcanic pumice stone and a complete rock mineral NPKS fertiliser impregnated with beneficial microbes, combined with super absorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymers that are crossed-linked and insoluble in water.

UltraGrow® Aquaten Fertilising Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agent consists of at least 38% super absorbent anionic polymers that are crossed-linked and insoluble in water. The polymers have the property of quickly releasing absorbed water and nutrients and rehydrating, allowing plants to have water and nutrients available as needed.

UltraGrow Aquaten incorporates a high-quality volcanic pumice stone, a complete rock mineral NPKS fertiliser impregnated with beneficial microbes, a full suite of trace elements, organic carbon humates, cation exchange enhancements and root stimulants, including Bacillus subtili. These combine to improve plant establishment and garden resilience. Aquaten provides balanced nutrition and increased water holding capacity for strong sustained root growth and development.

Benefits of using Aquaten in your garden:

    • Can be pre-blended into any UltraGrow growing media blend prior to delivery
    • Faster plant and lawn establishment
    • Up to 50% less water needed with each irrigation
    • Feeds the beneficial microbes in the soil
    • Reduced leaching of nutrients
    • Biologically activated, complete analysis rock mineral NPKS granular fertiliser
    • Higher resistance to drought stress and diseases

 Application as a soil ameliorant

Aquaten Fertilising Soil Conditioner and Wetting Agent is best incorporated through the growing media at the planting time. Aquaten works at the root level by holding and releasing water when your plants need it most for up to 5 years.

With the inclusion of microbial boosted NPKS fertilisers and a high-quality volcanic carrier, Aquaten may also be a suitable starter fertiliser in many applications.

Aquaten is perfect for commercial applications such as hire-rise podium-level planters. The results will be fantastic with a quality, certified growing medium. Aquaten is a premium quality wetter and fertiliser and offers great value compared to competing products.

Application rate

1.5kg/m3 or 300g/m2 (to a soil depth of 200mm).

For best results, Aquaten should be mixed with the imported soil media or through the backfill soil at the time of planting as a once off application.

All garden beds should be well-mulched with a suitable organic product.

Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions N/A
Shipping Group



20KG, 5KG


Application Rate

See label rates

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