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Nitro-Pro Maxx Professional Lawn Builder


Nitro-Pro Maxx is a professional lawn building mini prill fertiliser suitable for both commercial and domestic lawns providing sustained results throughout the season.

UltraGrow Nitro-Pro Maxx is a professional grade mini prill turf fertiliser, containing upfront and multiple controlled release sources of nitrogen for optimum release rate and sustained turf growth. 

Nitro-Pro Maxx also contains potassium in plant available and coated forms for sustained nutrient availability. Suitable for use on all lawns and trees. Formulated in Australia, for local conditions.

The smaller granule size reduces the chance of fertiliser prills being damaged or picked up by mowing after application. In addition, the smaller granule will provide better coverage over the turf surface when applied offering superior performance.

Typical Analysis: NKPS 22-0-19-3

Benefits of using Nitro-Pro Maxx on your lawn:

    • Contains Iron for fast greening of lawn surface
    • Increase root development
    • Improves overall lawn health.
    • Low leaching.
    • Contains multiple forms of slow-release nitrogen for exceptional release characteristics.
    • Sustained release technology.

Instructions for use:

Apply at 25 grams per square metre of lawn every 3-months for excellent results. Water in well to ensure the particles are washed into the lawn surface and soil. For best results apply in early Spring, Summer and Autumn.

For larger lawns, apply at 2.5kg per 100 square metres.

For a total health program use in conjunction with UltraGrow Bio stimulant liquids along with the full range of quality UltraGrow soils, composts and potting mixes.

Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions N/A
Shipping Group



20KG, 5KG


Application Rate

30g/m2 every 10 to 12 weeks.

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