Introducing UltraGrow® Aquaten Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agent

Councils around Australia, including Brisbane City Council, are increasingly recognising the benefits of well-designed, green and energy-efficient buildings. In Brisbane, BCC introduced the Brisbane Green Buildings Incentive Policy to encourage such development, aligning with their vision of a world-class, design-led city. As part of this incentive scheme, the amount of green inclusion in new development is encouraged and contributes to the development’s green credentials. Over the last 15 years, this has led to an explosion of green space, deep plantings, podium gardens, green walls and green roofs being included in new developments continuing to grow Brisbane’s reputation as a world-class, design-led city that drives and facilitates excellence in built form and sustainability outcomes.
Aria Property Group’s Urban Forest Proposal
As architects and developers look at more creative and innovative ways to bring Brisbane’s sub-tropical lifestyle into large-scale commercial projects, these types of green inclusions have become more than just a few street trees and a couple of communal planter boxes. They are now an integral part of many designs as key features and major attractions. Look no further than the current Queens Wharf Casino Precinct in Brisbane CBD, featuring a landscaped Sky Deck and a new riverfront activation dubbed a “green wharf” with a series of grassy knolls and terraces that link back to Queen’s Wharf Plaza. Or the continual evolution of West End, with numerous groundbreaking designs, including Treehouse by ARIA completed in 2021.
There is a desire by developers, Landscape Architects and Designers for more consistent results, which has led to the increase in the specification of ameliorants designed to improve the performance of host soil blends. Landscape contractors crave alternatives when quoting large-scale commercial projects; in short, industry demand for competitive options to meet the desired professional specifications has led to the development of UltraGrow® Aquaten Fertilising Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agent.
UltraGrow® Aquaten contains a suite of growth stimulating nutrients and a high-quality horticultural water-absorbent polymer that balances quality ingredients based on the principles that elevate UltraGrow above the competition while providing excellent value. Aquaten stimulates root growth and development while providing ongoing nutrition and plant support for many years. Best incorporated into the growing media at root level or blended off-site before installation, the high-quality horticultural water-absorbent polymers charge when watered and will store both water and nutrients. UltraGrow Aquaten encourages a healthier and more resilient plant with a reduced irrigation requirement to minimise run-off and nutrient leaching.
UltraGrow® Aquaten has a very high gel strength and stability, as well as one of the highest water absorption rates under soil pressure available on the market today. The polymers will be present in the soil for over 5-years under normal conditions; however, the effects will last for many more. Featuring slow release and controlled release fertiliser, feeding directly from the inclusion of Aquaten will occur for up to 16 months, while the high-quality cross-linked water-absorbent polymers will continue to hydrate the soils for years. With additions such as humate, Bacillus subtilis and Mycorrhizal fungi, the soil will continue to improve with age developing into a humate-rich, living growing medium when coupled with an ongoing maintenance and care programme.
UltraGrow® Aquaten Fertilising Soil Conditioner & Wetting Agent will save on water, fertiliser and time while improving plant mortality.
  • Provides better nutrient suspension reducing fertiliser requirement.
  • Reduces water requirement.
  • Reduces the leaching of nutrients.
  • Improve plant survival rate.
Treehouse by Aria Property Group – West End


The Future of Brisbane

Leading up to the highly anticipated 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games, the city is set to undergo a remarkable transformation with various developments and projects taking shape. With a focus on embracing its sub-tropical climate, Brisbane is slated to feature an array of beautifully designed green spaces integrated within high-rise buildings, both in the CBD and beyond. One notable project already in progress is 443 Queen Street, touted as Australia’s first building designed specifically for the sub-tropical climate, aiming to harmonize with and adapt to Brisbane’s stunning weather conditions. Additionally, the Queen’s Wharf development will emerge as a dazzling new destination, offering captivating entertainment and attractions that will encapsulate the true essence of Queensland and the best of Australia.

Looking ahead, Brisbane has exciting prospects on the horizon. The Brisbane Live precinct is poised to transform the existing Roma Street’s Transit Centre and the station into a vibrant cultural hub, embracing the city’s green heart. This ambitious undertaking will breathe new life into the area, providing a platform for cultural events and experiences that reflect Brisbane’s dynamic spirit.

To ensure these remarkable green spaces reach their full potential, we envision UltraGrow® Aquaten coupled with our industry leading growing media playing a crucial role in these significant developments. The innovative capabilities of UltraGrow® Aquaten will enhance the sustainability and growth of these green spaces, enabling them to flourish in Brisbane’s unique climate. For more information on the entire UltraGrow® Suite of products and how we can tailor our offerings to meet industry demands, please reach out to the Commercial Team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies. They will be delighted to assist you in exploring the possibilities for incorporating UltraGrow® into these transformative projects.

Image sources:

Image 1: Aria Property Group’s Urban Forest Proposal
Image 2: Aria Property Group’s Treehouse Project – West End

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