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Fertiliser & Herbicides

Maintaining your landscape and gardens doesn’t have to be a stressful task, which is why we offer numerous products that aim to make your life easier.

Whether you’re planning a major landscaping design for your property or simply undertaking a DIY project, fertilisers and herbicides are an important part, especially for the health and wellbeing of your gardens in the establishment period.

By offering our herbicides and fertilisers online, you can easily purchase everything you need in one place and have it delivered right to your door.

If you’re unsure about what products you need for the longevity of your projects, follow our fertiliser and herbicide guide to know exactly what products can benefit your tasks.

To buy fertiliser online, or if you’re looking to buy herbicides online, Centenary Landscaping has everything you need.

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Fertiliser Guide

Plants require food, water, and sunlight to be able to flourish, and most of the nutrients comes directly from the soil they’re planted in. Our gardens always require nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to be able to establish, along with plenty of other minerals. If you’re looking to buy fertiliser online, we provide a great variety of potting mix, mulch, and premium soils to help your gardens grow into a blooming haven.

Edible Gardens

Nothing beats home grown, organic vegetables and an herb garden that you’ve worked hard to establish yourself.

Edible gardens rely heavily on a rich soil for nutrients and can’t perform to their full potential without mulch that is going to retain the moisture.

A good mulch, much like our sugar cane mulch works to reduce moisture loss from the surface of the soil, creating less of a need to water. Incorporating mulch into your edible gardens, more so your vegetable gardens, will also lessen to the chance of the soil surface drying out.

At Centenary Landscaping, we offer a premium soil that will benefit your food-based gardens like no other.

Our UltraGrow Ultima Garden Soil is the perfect soil base for the establishment of your vegetables and herbs.

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Turf & Landscaping Designs

For landscaping designs that include turf or the laying of any grass type, our UltraGrow Special Blend Top Dressing is the perfect blend. This soil is robust and can be used over the top or underneath turf, or as a finely screened gardening soil. Pairing our UltraGrow with a quality fertiliser will help to boost the performance of this product before applying it to the turf or proposed grass area.

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in with an internal landscaping or DIY garden project, we offer a Cottage Pine Bark product that will help encourage the establishment. Perfect for outdoor landscaping as well as indoor landscaping, whether you want an interior courtyard, or you want to take things to the next level and design an interior terrarium, our golden nuggets will work wonders for your plantscaping projects. For something that is specifically designed for on slab landscaping, our UltraGrow Podium Soil On Slab A is also a great option.

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Herbisides for weeds & pests

Herbicide Guide​

Maintaining Weeds

When it comes to your turf, or even crops such as sugar cane, cotton, maize and sorghum, we have an effective control method for you.

Our Enviromax Halosulfuron 750WG Nutgrass Killer will take control of the nutgrass or Mullumbimby couch that has gotten amongst your greenery, and is an easy-to-use solution at a fraction of the price of most herbicides.


Garden Pests

We know how frustrating it can be to find a trail of weeds within your garden or amongst your grass, and we also know how frustrating it is when the grubs get to our flowers or crops. Whether it’s grubs, bugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, army worm or other sorts of pests, Grub Guard is the answer. If you’re looking to buy herbicides online, this product is an easy spray-on solution that’ll send the pests packing.

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