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Types of Garden Mulch

Exploring Different Types of Garden Mulch

When it comes to garden mulch, there’s a wide variety of options available to suit different preferences and gardening needs. Online you’ll find more than 22 types of garden mulch, or you’re welcome to visit our yard in Darra, where we have bulk bays showcasing our range. Our landscape yard is spacious and offers convenient parking and ample room to manoeuvre your trailer, car, ute, or truck.

Hoop Bark: Hoop Barks & Mulches are derived from the production of hoop pine for the construction industry. This bark, peeled from the tree before milling, features a rich dark colour that appeals to many gardeners. We supply Hoop Bark (1-2″ or 25-50mm), which is ideal for commercial sites and slopes due to its ability to withstand heavy rain and it is the most popular choice suitable for various garden applications.

Photo of Pine Bark Nuggets | Featured Image for Pine Bark Nuggets Product Page by Centenary Landscaping Supplies.Slash Pine Bark: Pine Barks are the byproduct of the milling process of sustainable pine tree plantations found on the way to the Sunshine Coast. These trees are harvested every twenty years or so. The logs and bark undergo processing, where large grinders and sieving trommels grade the bark into different sizes. We stock Pine Bark Nuggets which ranges in size from 25mm up to 50mm as well as Soft Fall Pine Bark, which is finely processed for playgrounds and visually appealing in gardens.

Cypress Bark & Mulch: Cypress Mulches have gained popularity for their pleasant fragrance and reported ability to repel termites and white ants. If these pests are a concern in your area, mulch or bark from the cypress tree might be a suitable choice. We offer four different cypress varieties, including Blended Cypress Fines, Red Cypress Mulch, Cypress Wood Chip, and Tropical Blend.

Tree Harvested Mulches: These mulches are derived from trees cleared during development projects such as housing, train lines, and roads. Recycling these felled trees into sustainable mulch is an eco-friendly approach. Our selection includes mulches like Green Harvest, Aged Chippers Mulch and Scrub Mulch. The quality can vary, with Green Harvest being the most popular – these mulches are popular in council parks and commercial developments and prove to be a cost effective option on average properties.

Tea Tree Mulch: Tea Tree Mulch is highly sought-after, offering a natural fragrance and texture that adds richness to gardens. It’s also easy to spread around plants and trees. Tea Tree Mulch is a by-product of the Tea Tree Oil industry and it is a great use of a waste material. Plus, you’ll love the tea tree fragrance that’s present with fresh installations.

Photo of Sugar Cane Mulch | Featured Image for Sugar Cane Mulch Product Page by Centenary Landscaping Supplies.Sugar Cane and Lucerne Mulch: These mulches are packed in bales and, while some experts claim they add nitrogen to the topsoil, they might not be everyone’s top choice. They tend to be more expensive, decay quickly (which can be beneficial in certain cases), and in terms of appearance, they may not meet expectations. However, they work very well in vegetable patches. It’s worth noting that their main benefit lies in eventually breaking down and becoming compost, which is beneficial for the topsoil.

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