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Bark & Mulch

At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we offer the largest range of bark and mulch available for delivery across South-East Queensland.

Ready to give your garden beds a lift in form and function?

Whether you are looking for a few bags or a few truck load we will have a bark or mulch to fit your style and budget. What’s more, we can deliver Brisbane wide 7-days a week. 

Take a look at our full range of bark and mulch and shop online or in-store.

Bark & Mulch

Mulching is a great way to protect the roots of plants and shrubs from excessive heat, frost, drought, and soil erosion. Mulches also reduce weed growth and add nutrients back into the ground. Bark based mulches are one of the most popular choices because they come in many grades for different purposes. There’s no better time than now to start protecting your garden with mulch! We also offer bagged bark and mulch for smaller gardening projects.

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Bark & Mulch

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Different types of bark & mulch


The exterior layer of the tree, stripped and chipped. Bark tends to last forever in the garden beds, making it ideal for commercial applications or in areas you only want to do once. Most commonly, our barks are from the pine trees.


Mulch is the bark, timber and foliage of the tree, shredded to a much finer consistency. Most mulch is generated as the by-product of other industries. Red Cypress Mulch is one of our most popular and is a gorgeous rusty red that is great for use in all manner of gardens. Made from cypress pine trees which is naturally pest resistant.

Green-waste mulch

Manufactured the same as mulch from material sourced from the waste industry.  This low cost mulch is great for the typical garden and environment sustainable.  Green Harvest and Aged Chippers has shown itself to be very popular for use in parks and large projects.

Wood-chip mulch

Made from timber sent through a chipper, these square chips are durable and nice looking. Our Cypress Woodchips have a golden hue, pleasing smell and are sized and shaped consistently. As with our other cypress products, it is said to help keep ants and termites out of your garden.

Price Promise

The team at Centenary Landscaping Supplies work very hard at presenting the best possible product to fit your budget and are highly skilled at maximising your landscaping dollar. We realise we live in a highly competitive world, and we are upfront with our pricing making it freely available online and in-store.

If our pricing does not impress you but our helpful service, fantastic display yard, huge website, unmatched customer service both before and after sales, then we will be happy to match any competitive quote provided it is not below our cost price.

We simply ask that you give us the opportunity to offer you our full service!

Once you have settled on your products, if one of our competitors can do it better, then let us know and we will do our very best to match that. You will never be disappointed shopping with Centenary Landscaping Supplies and over 30-years of loyal service to Brisbane residents is a testament to that.

Shop with confidence knowing Centenary Landscaping Supplies stands by our products, service and guarantee.

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