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Takura Soft Fall

$172.00 m3

Takura Soft Fall /M3

Takura Softfall is a manufactured bark product for use in school playgrounds and under play equipment. Like Pine Bark Softfall, it is fully compliant for this purpose and is being used more frequently in place of the traditional pine bark alternatives.
The advantages of using Takura Engineered Softfall:

  • Current compliance certificate supplied by Consulting Coordination PTY LTD
  • Very similar properties to bark products and last longer in the playgrounds.
  • Cleaner product and dust free. Bark products create dust that can stain children’s clothes. Also, dust from bark can induce asthma attacks.
  • Made from pine wood, therefore, it is a nontoxic material. (Ice cream sticks are also made from pine wood)
  • Easier accessibility for wheel chairs and prams than other bark products.

Takura Softfall is available by the 1m3 or fractions thereof.

Weight 750 kg
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