Sir Walter Premium Buffalo

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Sir Walter Turf /M (USE 73TINSW)

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Sir Walter Premium Buffalo (Stenotaphrum secundatum)

Sir Walter Premium Grass is now available for pick up at Centenary Landscaping Supplies, Darra just off the Centenary Highway throughout the week but often it is best to order first as it is so popular. You’ve probably seen Sir Walter Turf talked about on any number of TV Lifestyle programs. Centenary Landscaping Supplies is a Premium Supplier of this hardy, shade tolerant and soft buffalo grass with all the accessories you could want so that you can get the best out of your new lawn, and there’s no need to visit the turf farm out in the bush. Sir Walter Premium Turf is an Australian born and bred grass for our dry and harsh weather conditions.

Visual Description

Sir Walter is a Premium Soft Leaf Buffalo bred specifically for Australian conditions. Sir Walter has mid-green leaves, red-purple stolons (lower leaf or “branch”) and a low lateral growth. Sir Walter has excellent shade tolerance and a rapid growth rate as well as a low dense thatch growth habit which helps keep weeds out. It is a great all-rounder that is easy to maintain, grows in shade and keeps it’s winter greenness due to the fact that it’s winter active.


Sir Walter is perfect for the Aussie backyard! With moderate to high durability, it is great for high traffic areas, areas where children play and with dogs. Sir Walter can tolerate as little 3 hours of sunlight each day, but also perform well in full sun conditions.

Maintenance Characteristics

  • Bred as a low maintenance species
  • High resistance to many fungal and pest attacks
  • High drought, heat and cold tolerances, with a deep root system it out performs most other soft-leaf buffalo species.
  • During the growing season (September-May) mow every 7-14 days.
  • During the winter mow every 2-5 weeks.


Sir Walter requires specialty herbicides and pesticides when treating. When purchasing these products always read the label for suitability and application rates.

Like all turf, Sir Walter can be susceptible to Lawn Grub or Army Worm attack during the wet season. For more information on grub control click here.

For more information and help selecting the right turf for your project visit the Turf Resource Guide.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 6 cm
Shipping Group


Conversion Guide

Sold by the m2 – Slab size 1200x600mm (0.72m2)

Turf Type


Slab Size

1200mm x 600mm (0.72m2)

Shade Tolerance

High Tolerance (<2 hrs/day)

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