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UltraGrow Lawn Reno Bundle

$75.00 / ea

Stock up on everything you’ll need to get the best lawn in the street this reno season!

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Stock up on everything you’ll need to get the best lawn in the street. The UltraGrow Lawn Reno Bundle will provide your lawn with nutrients and soil conditioning supplements to kickstart your lawn into spring. Couple with an anuual renovation and Fairway-Pro MAXX to get the very best results! We recommend fortnightly applications of Dyna-Maxx and monthly applications of Water-Wise, Power-Maxx Plus and Fusion Humate through the growing season. For best results, apply via pressure spray applicator.

The pack includes:
1L Dyna-Maxx Natural Seaweed Plant Health Treatment Concentrate
1L Water-Wise Premium Soil Wetter Concentrate
1L Fusion Humate Premium Humus Solution Concentrate
1L Power-Maxx Plus Lawn Revitaliser Concentrate
1L Deep Green Nitrogen & Iron Fertiliser Concentrate
5kg bag of Revitaliser Premium Lawn & Garden Granular Fertiliser


Dyna-Maxx is a super concentrated premium seaweed based soil conditioner. It is a certified input for organic farm applications and is comprised of a host of natural nutrients, including trace elements, organic carbon, amino acids plus growth-promoting substances including humic and fulvic acids.

Power-Maxx Plus Lawn

UltraGrow Power-Maxx is a powerful growth promoter giving you the best of both worlds with natural seaweed and traditional NPK fertilisers. Lawn will give your lawn an instant boost, while Garden is designed for general plant and garden applications.


A super concentrated wetter and a biologically enhanced soil conditioner that improves the structure of soils and helps break down clay. Water-Wise will enhance the performance of other UltraGrow Liquid Fertilisers as it will assist the infusion of nutrients and growth stimulants.

Fusion Humate

UtraGrow Fusion a natural soil conditioner that acts as a chelator and microbial stimulator containing a high concentration of organic acids and trace minerals. It’s really an instant compost.

Deep Green

A professional foliar fertiliser providing liquid nitrogen and iron along with Fulvic Acid designed to give your lawn and garden an instant boost of growth and colour.


Revitaliser contains a full suite of trace elements, organic carbon humates, cation exchange enhancements and root stimulants and will boost your gardens resilience and performance.

Weight 3000 kg

2 Litres RTU

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