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Introducing SuperSleeper: The Future of Retaining Walls

We’re excited to introduce an innovation that is poised to change retaining wall construction and save backs all over the country – SuperSleeper. This newly developed product transcends traditional retaining wall sleepers, offering durability, sustainability, aesthetics and best of all .

SuperSleeper, a composite retaining wall sleeper, is designed to excel in all facets of retaining wall construction, notably for walls up to 1.6 metres high (please note Brisbane City Council rules apply). It is a testament to the relentless pursuit of superior design, overseen by registered and international certified Chartered Engineers. What does this mean for your landscaping project? Quite simply, it guarantees a product that’s ahead of the curve.

One of the SuperSleeper’s distinct features is durability. Made with longevity in mind, SuperSleepers withstand long-term deflection far superior to their timber counterparts. This resilience makes it more resistant to bows and deterioration, promising a product lifespan of over 100 years! You read that correctly; a century of unwavering reliability!

Aesthetically, SuperSleeper brings a modern, sleek appearance that instantly enhances any garden or outdoor space. This unique attribute couples with the product’s strength to provide an unparalleled balance of aesthetics and durability. The cherry on top? SuperSleeper is impressively lightweight, weighing under 6kg per sleeper – compared to over 80kg for its concrete counterpart. This makes it ideal for DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople alike. Installation is a breeze while saving both time and money. No need for expensive delivery charges, heavy machinery or specialist tools – SuperSleeper is simplifying retaining wall construction one lightweight sleeper wall at a time.

Moving to sustainability, SuperSleeper stands tall. It accounts for up to 75% less Co2 emissions during manufacturing than typical materials. Further, the lightweight nature reduces carbon imprint in transportation. Hence, opting for SuperSleeper is choosing a greener planet, minimising deforestation and promoting sustainable living. Plus, it won’t absorb water or rot, making it robust against harsh Australian conditions.

Here are some tips to help you preserve the full lifespan of your SuperSleeper retaining wall:

  1. Regularly brush off dirt and residue with a broom
  2. Use an outdoor hose to wash away any accumulated dirt, dust, or mildew
  3. Ensure proper installation with correct drainage and piping

SuperSleeper is more than a product; it’s a commitment to providing superior, sustainable, and user-friendly solutions to the landscaping and construction industry. It’s time to redefine our outdoor spaces with SuperSleeper – the ultimate composite retaining wall sleeper. Trust us, your garden will thank you!


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