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Decorative Stone Ideas for Your Next Landscaping Project

Decorative pebble and stones are perfect for all seasons and are cost-effective and easy to maintain. They can be used to add texture and contrast to gardens, patios, pathways, and driveways – the perfect material for many landscaping projects. If you’re interested in renovating and revamping your outdoor area with stones but unsure of what to design, these decorative stones for gardens ideas are perfect for DIY home use, no matter how big or small the project is.

Stone pathways

One of the best ways to improve your home’s kerb appeal is by adding a stone path. A stone path has a rustic charm but work with almost all landscape designs. There are many different ways to add a stone path to your home, whether it’s with crushed white gravel or a rounded pebble. 

You’ll also want to consider the shape of the path. A straight path is simple, but a winding path can add more visual interest to your design.  A stone path is a simple project that can be completed in a weekend. Be sure to place weed control matting under the stone to reduce the chance of weeds.

Stone garden edging

A simple and effective way to edge a garden or lawn is by using larger stone such and sandstone or river stone to create an effective barrier between two different spaces. Large stone, preferably mortared into place offers a natural yet bold finish to your garden beds. Consider your stone choice when selected each surface finish and match your garden edging with your stone pathways. Nambucca River Pebbles, Cascade River Pebbles and our Natural River Pebbles come in a range of sizes making them perfect for use throughout the garden.

Stone firepit

Wintertime is the perfect time to cosy up around your firepit, and a stone firepit can really help make it feel warm and inviting. Not only is adding stone to your firepit an easy way to add some extra flair to your backyard, but stones are also relatively inexpensive and the range is extensive. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking for a stone that complements the existing style of your backyard. For example, if you have a modern backyard, you might want to look for smooth stone in tones of white, grey and black, whereas, if your backyard is rustic, rough-hewn natural stone will better compliment the space. Once you’ve found the perfect stone, simply place it in your firepit and enjoy!

Dry creek beds

Poor drainage can turn you lawn or garden into a muddy mess. One way to improve drainage around your garden is to create a dry creek bed designed to facilitate water movement in times of heavy rain. Both functional and decorative, dry creek beds look great and can be a real feature of your landscape design. This can be done by using natural river stones of different sizes to create a weaving river bed through your garden. You can then add plants or flowers to the bed to give it a natural look.

Stone Mulch

One of the most common use of decorative pebbles or stone is as a mulch in garden beds. Stone mulch is a great option for a number of garden types and although initial install costs might be slightly higher than traditional tree mulch, long term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. Why? Well tree bark and mulch, being organic in nature will inevitably break down and require replenishment. Expect to be replacing your mulch every 6-12 months and bark every 12-18 months. Decorative stone on the other hand can last a lifetime! Stone mulch is best suited for native and arid gardens where composted organics are not as high in demand.


Decorative Stone

Decorative pebble and gravel is the unsung hero in most landscape construction and is used behind retaining walls for drainage, on driveways, in concrete mixes, and the list goes on. We deliver gravel supplies Brisbane wide, suitable for landscaping projects of any size and be usable for walkways, patios, drainage solutions and firepits.

Why choose Centenary Landscaping?

If you’re looking for the best decorative stones and landscaping supplies on the market, then you need to come to Centenary Landscaping. We are the leading supplier of these products in SEQ, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your outdoor space. We have a huge range of products available, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. We’ll help you get the most out of your outdoor space and are passionate to bring your decorative stones for gardens ideas alive.

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