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Grey Besser Blocks

Grey besser blocks are an essential and versatile option for most building and landscaping projects.

They are also known to be the ideal way to create retaining walls, giving your property a streamlined, modern, and structural look. Not only are they great for aesthetic purposes, but they are also long-lasting, light in weight making it easier for construction, and have amazing structural reliability against the harsh Australian weather.

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Projects for Grey Besser Blocks

Retaining Walls

Besser blocks are one of the most common materials used for installing retaining walls.

They offer a clean finish and can even be rendered for an extra touch of class. For large retaining walls, grey blocks will need to be engineered and reinforced so that they are structurally sound and can withhold the weather changes.

If you’re wanting a retaining wall that looks streamlined, offers strength and durability, add besser blocks from Centenary Landscaping to the top of your list.

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Garden Beds

Installing a garden bed doesn’t have to be difficult and costly.

Grey besser blocks can be used for your garden bed in a variety of ways, whether its to plant individual plants in each cube, to use as a garden space outlining your entertainment zone, or to run along your property boundary as a statement gardening area.

At Centenary Landscaping we have a wide range of besser blocks that make the perfect addition for any garden bed project, allowing you to create a modern and streamlined look for your property.

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Garden Edging

Garden edging is another alternative where besser blocks can utilised. To bring in another design aspect, consider installing the blocks around your garden edge to separate your garden from your lawn, patio, or entertaining areas. Much like the garden beds, homeowners and landscaping professionals can use edging to bring another creative aspect to a property.

Whether it’s installing garden lights between the grey besser blocks to enhance the edging, keeping them raised or putting them within the ground for the edging, using the besser blocks will elevate your front or backyard completely.

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