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The Power of Humic Acids: Ancient Secrets for Modern Soil Fertility

Humates are substances found in brown coals, formed in ancient swamps around 20-50 million years ago. Known as Leonardite, this material was created when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Over time, as plant debris accumulated in these ancient swamps, microorganisms broke it down through a process known as “Humification.” This process created layers of peat and humic materials, resulting in a compost over 30 million years old. As these decaying layers were buried under sediment, pressure and heat turned them into brown coal and eventually black coal.

The humate content decreases as coal ages, with older black coal having little available humate. However, Leonardite is a type of brown coal rich in humate, making it unique for extracting liquid humate and fulvic acids.

Humic acids, or humic substances found in humates, are crucial for fertile soils. Most scientists agree they are the most important component of fertile soil. They come from the breakdown of plant and microbial matter, helping soils hold nutrients and water better. They also provide food for beneficial microorganisms and improve soil structure.

UltraGrow’s Fusion Humate 28.6 is one of the highest concentrated liquid products made from highly regarded US-sourced Leonardite. It stimulates the growth of helpful soil fungi and bacteria, improves soil structure, and helps retain nutrients and water in all soil types. It also aids in releasing bound phosphates and other nutrients, promoting better root growth and nutrient uptake in plants.

Calcium, an essential nutrient for plants, is more readily available in soils treated with liquid Fusion Humate, leading to healthier plants and better plant quality in your garden. It also helps release phosphates and other nutrients, which are often locked in your soil, making them accessible to your plants. It is one of nature’s most powerful natural electrolytes and a naturally occurring chelating agent, increasing the solubility and availability of certain mineral micronutrients to plants so they are not washed away.

Additionally, UltraGrow Fusion encourages root growth in seedlings and mature plants, allowing them to better withstand dry periods and produce better growth. It also fosters a better-aerated soil structure, opening the soil for air circulation and water retention while bringing back nature’s little helpers, the worms.

Humates are ancient ‘composted’ substances found in brown coals, rich in humic acids, which are vital for fertile soils and plant growth. UltraGrow Fusion Humate 28.6% is one of the most powerful liquid humates available. It offers many benefits, including improving soil structure, nutrient and water retention, and root growth, ultimately leading to better plant growth and living soil that is crawling with microorganisms. All our UltraGrow soils, potting mixes, and composts contain the recommended dose of humic substances along with a myriad of other nutrients.

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