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Experience the Evolution of UltraGrow: The Pinnacle of Garden Growth Media

At Centenary Landscaping Supplies, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our Pro-MAXX range: Evolution Pro-MAXX. This new product joins our esteemed Fairway Pro-MAXX, marking a significant advancement in our UltraGrow collection. Evolution Pro-MAXX is more than just soil; it’s the future of gardening, meticulously designed to empower gardeners to achieve lusher plants, vibrant blooms, and abundant fruit.

A Legacy of Excellence

Evolution Pro-MAXX is the culmination of extensive research and innovation in the horticultural industry. Crafted in Brisbane, this soil blend represents a bold step beyond traditional offerings, providing a amazing growth environment made from the finest ingredients sourced from around Southeast Queensland and beyond.

What Makes Evolution Pro-MAXX Unique?

Evolution Pro-MAXX is not just soil; it’s a carefully engineered blend that includes:

  • 16-Month Controlled Release Fertiliser (Red Jacket 16) for sustained nutrition.
  • Organic Components like Coir Fibre and Composted Bark, enhancing soil structure and moisture retention.
  • Bioactive Elements such as Bio-Char, Seaweed Extract, and Bacillus microbes to enrich the soil biome.
  • Mineral Rich Additives like Zeolite, Pumice, and Micronised Gypsum to ensure a balanced pH and provide essential minerals.
  • These components are combined to mimic the rich, organic matter of natural forest soil, providing your plants with an optimal growing environment.

The Benefits to Your Garden

The unique formulation of Evolution Pro-MAXX ensures that your plants receive a balanced diet of macro and micro-nutrients, promoting health and vigor. The inclusion of biostimulants and bio inoculants like Amino Acids and Humic substances aids in efficient nutrient uptake, making your garden not only survive but thrive.

When and Where to Use

Evolution Pro-MAXX is versatile, ideal for a wide range of outdoor planting scenarios. Whether you’re revitalising your garden beds, planting new floral arrangements, or starting a fruit and vegetable patch, Evolution Pro-MAXX provides a solid foundation for growth. However, for very sensitive or native plants, consider using a specialty native blend.

Caring for Your Plants with Evolution Pro-MAXX

To get the most out of this premium soil, we recommend soaking new plantings in UltraGrow Dyna-Maxx diluted seaweed liquid to reduce transplant stress. This helps them adjust to their new, nutrient-rich environment more effectively. With its advanced moisture retention capabilities, Evolution Pro-MAXX often requires less watering, making your gardening efforts more efficient and eco-friendly.

Join the Evolution Today

Step into the future of gardening with Evolution Pro-MAXX. Visit Centenary Landscaping Supplies to discover how this revolutionary product can transform your garden into a lush, thriving oasis. Our team is ready to help you choose the right products for your unique gardening needs, ensuring your outdoor space reaches its full potential.

With Evolution Pro-MAXX, your garden’s success story begins now. Embrace the evolution and watch your garden flourish!

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