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Tango Block – This one block does it all!

Adbri Masonry is one of the leading masonry manufacturers in Australia, with a great range of products from pavers through to retaining wall blocks to suit every style and budget.

Recent research and development has lead to the introduction of a number of new retaining products, including the new Windsor Stone, Manor Stone, Miniwall and Hudson Stone. All fantastic additions to the already versatile Adbri Masonry Retaining Range.

Tango Blocks add another option, and this one block does it all! Use your creativity and bring your backyard to life with this double-sided DIY wall. Frame courtyard areas, create piers or even build low/small fences using this one uniquely shaped block.

The unique shape allows for construction of both single-sided and double-sided walls with ease and are perfect for building small walls and garden beds over existing pavement areas – no need to excavate.  The double-sided feature allows for easy construction of bench style seating, pillars and posts and can even be used effectively as low boundary walls.

Tango Blocks are compact, easy to handle, available in 2 modern colours (Charcoal and Oatmeal) and available for immediate delivery. If you want to build a wall this weekend, take a look at Tango!

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