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Planed and Simple – Smart Pine Sleepers

Introducing the latest in pine timber options, our pre-Arrised CCA Pine Sleepers. Available in a range of sizes, from 1.8 metres up to 3 metres, these pine sleepers will save you time and money and improve the look of your sleeper retaining wall.

Sleeper retaining walls are a quick, easy and versatile retaining option. Construction is fast and the resulting wall, strong which is great for both residential and trade clientele alike. However, landscape grade sleepers, be it pine or hardwood don’t usually produce the most visually appealing final product.

As there is no Australian Standard or other grading requirements for landscaping, the quality of sawn “sleepers” can vary greatly between different suppliers. 

Sleepers sold for landscaping use are likely to contain natural characteristics such as knots, gum veins, heartwood and insect damage and where a higher than normal appearance or performance is required, timber should be selected with limitations on the size and number of these characteristics. 

With that in mind, both trade professionals and residential customers spent much time selecting and dressing timber to improve the appearance of the raw product and the final retaining wall. The most common approach is to sand or plane the surface of the timber to a more smooth appearance and knock off or arris the corners.  To complete this process, you would require a mechanical plane and belt sander and depending on your experience, this may take considerable time per sleepers.

The process of arrising takes the sharp corners off each sleeper, and planing or sanding reduces the rough texture effectively “dressing” the timber. This process is slow, but the resulting wall has a far more appealing finish. 

Acknowledging this practice, we felt the need for a product with the hard work already done. Our pre-arrised Pine Sleepers are available with a H4 CCA treatment which makes them perfect for all residential and commercial retaining application with direct and in-ground contact. Options include 1.8, 2.4 and 3.0-metre variations with either a 50mm or 75mm thickness and look great paired with steel retaining wall posts such as the Retain-It range.

Why not give them a go on your next retaining wall project, and save yourself time, money and smarten up your finished wall!

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