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Should You Water Your Lawn in Winter?

The short answer… only if it needs it. Read on for more information about watering your lawn in winter.

Most grass is sitting moderately dormant, which means in most Australian states the grass is still growing slightly. Usually rainfall is enough to see us through, but if its particularly dry (you can test for moisture levels using the Footprint test) you may need to give it a watering from time to time.

In warmer climates the grass will continue growing throughout winter. This means that for the most part it will be business as usual when it comes to lawn care, with the exception of some far northern areas where if it is the dry season additional watering may be required.

For lawns that do slow down over the winter, they won’t lose a lot of moisture during the colder months to evaporation. Soils also hold onto moisture for longer during this time. For this reason, water requirements are a lot lower than they are during the warmer months. This is a particularly good thing for some areas that may be under water restrictions.

Most of the time you won’t need to water at all during winter, but if things are really dry, a deep watering once a month will be enough. Overwatering your lawn is a waste of time and money and can cause unwanted fungal issues. Backing off the water will keep your lawn free of disease and save you on your water bill.

Did you know you can lay turf during winter?

Given your lawn requires a lot less water during this period, it actually makes it a really good time to lay new turf. Turf can be laid all year round in Australia in most circumstances (some areas of high shade or wear would be best left until spring). The turf will sit idol on the ground, healthily maintaining core functions until it warms up in spring and it can continue to establish into the ground like normal.

Article prepared by Lawn Solutions Australia.

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