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Power-Maxx Garden 2L Hose End Spray

$15.00 / ea

UltraGrow Power-Maxx is a powerful but gentle growth promoter giving you the best of both worlds with natural seaweed and traditional NPK fertilisers.

Powerful garden revitaliser

UltraGrow Power-Maxx for Garden is a powerful but gentle growth promoter combining natural seaweed, fish emulsion, humates, amino acid and traditional NPK fertilisers. With carefully calibrated levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, Power-Maxx Garden is suitable for all plant and garden applications including natives.


Nitrogen (N) 12% | Phosphorus (P) 1.4% | Potassium (K) 7%  + Trace Elements & Amino Acids

Benefits of using Power-Maxx Plus on your lawn:

  • Foliar (leaf) application allows for the fast absorption of vital nutrients and elements.
  • Comprised of 65% natural liquid seaweed. 
  • Inoculate turf and soil by aiding in the conversion of fertiliser to complex nutrients.
  • Stimulates desirable soil microbes.
  • Stronger, healthier plants and lawns.
  • Reduces plant and lawn stress and increases disease resistance.
  • Helps water penetration reducing runoff.
  • Stabilises nutrients in the rhizosphere.

Instructions for use:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Turn tap on to a low-medium pressure (spray should reach approx. 5 metres from the bottle when held at hip height and kept level)
  • Control flow rate using the adjustment taps on the side of bottle cap.
  • Soak garden and lawn (plants and soil) thoroughly with a broad spraying action.
  • Covers up to 300m2 of lawn or garden depending on your spraying action and movement.
  • Contents should be dispersed within 10-15 minutes.

For a total health program use in conjunction with UltraGrow Bio stimulant liquid and granular fertilisers along with the full range of quality UltraGrow soils, composts and potting mixes.

Weight 3000 kg

2 Litres RTU

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