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Creating a Pet Friendly Garden

If your family is complete with a four-legged furry member and you’re trying to create a beautiful garden at the same time, we understand how hard it can be. Creating a garden for both you and your pet doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. Here’s how to create a pet friendly garden filled with dog friendly garden plants and still aesthetically pleasing landscaping in your backyard that’s simple, easy, and safe.

Add fencing

In any pet friendly garden, a solid fence helps to create peace of mind for you and a safe space for your dog to roam around. Depending on how athletic your dog is, you may need to invest in a higher fence with less gaps so that they can’t dig their way out. A fence may not keep a cat in so you might have to consider an enclosed cat run so that you can help establish a pet safe garden.

If you’re worried about the fence being an eyesore, why not try adding dog friendly plants and shrubs around to add a boundary that’s easier on the eyes.

Include dog friendly plants

Speaking of adding dog friendly garden plants, it’s an important step when choosing what outdoor plants, you’d like in your garden. Avoiding plants that are thorny or toxic to dogs is crucial. Plants such as daffodils, chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips, lilies, ivy, morning glory, hellebore, and tomatoes should be avoided. There are many other plants that are poisonous so make sure you do your research beforehand.

Some of the best dog friendly plants to include are camellias, native bottlebrush, jasmine, hibiscus, crepe myrtle and most ferns, palms and orchids are fine too. For cats, be sure to avoid lilies as they are poisonous to cats and you could instead consider planting catnip or catmint in your cat’s favourite areas instead. If you’re unsure about whether you have dog friendly garden plants in your garden, browse our range or get in touch with the experts today!

Provide shade, shelter and comfort

Creating a pet friendly garden is easy when you consider landscaping for your beloved furry family member as well. Try to keep in mind that surfaces can get too hot so avoiding scratchy bushes, sharp rocks and creating a shady retreat for the both of you will provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. By incorporating smooth stones, soft foliage and including hardy ground cover like lamb’s ear to minimise how much visible soil there is and to prevent your dog from digging up the garden.

Like humans, your pets can also get sunburnt or heatstroke and providing them proper shade such as a pergola, large shady trees or a doghouse is a great way to give them their own space to lay under during the hotter months. This is also a great idea for cats, to give them a lounging spot whether it’s sunny or raining. By providing both shaded and sunlit spots for your cat is essential to a happy and safe cat.

Add in paths

The perfect way to create a beautiful pet safe garden. By adding in paths, your garden can be easily maintained, it helps to add a certain charm and allows your pet to explore their own territory in a safe way.

Remember to check that you’re using comfortable and paw friendly materials such as cedar gravel or steppingstones for your path. This is also a great way to adorn your backyard with dog friendly plants and establish boundaries.

Don’t forget to add elements that you know you pet will enjoy. Whether it’s a water feature, their favourite toys or outdoor scratching posts for cats, or a hutch and veggie patch for your rabbits and to get your kids involved with feeding them fresh veggies each day. There’s plenty of options to create a safe garden for your pets.

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