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Concrete Sleepers for Retaining Walls

Adding concrete sleepers to your retaining wall can give your property a natural and earthy look.

Whether you’re creating a boundary, a garden bed, or simply wanting to bring life to the backyard, concrete sleepers are a beautiful option. Retaining walls are known for being the most valuable additions to any landscape construction, as it provides more useable space for creating a design of your own while retaining boundaries and the earth behind it. 

If you’re wanting to order all of your retaining wall materials in one place, consider purchasing through Centenary Landscaping. Our concrete sleepers Brisbane is purposely designed and manufactured to withstand the Aussie climate, last for years to come, and with dedicated and advanced technology ensuring sustainable production processes.

If You’re Looking to Buy Concrete Sleepers for Your Retaining Wall

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Concrete Sleepers

When you need something solid, strong and dependable, look no further than our concrete retaining wall materials. Engineered to withstand constant pressure, our concrete sleepers come with either a 15- or 35-year manufacturer guarantee (depending on the product). Concrete sleepers are seamlessly easy to use – simply slot the sleepers into our galvanised steel retaining wall posts for fast and secure installation every time. Available in a range of colours including smooth grey, gumtree, sandstone, ironbark, and more, concrete sleepers are as stylish as they are dependable.

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Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers for Retaining Walls

Garden Beds

Retaining walls are great for creating visual features in your front or backyard.

If you’re wanting to create a garden bed, a retaining wall designed with concrete sleepers gives the greenery a chance to stand out, while giving your property a sleek and uniformed, natural look.

At Centenary Landscaping, we offer a beautiful variety of concrete sleepers for your garden beds. Our Gumtree, Smooth, and Slate concrete options give your garden the stage it needs to become the centerpiece of your property.

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Property Boundary

At Centenary Landscaping, our concrete sleepers and posts are all engineer designed and manufactured according to strict engineering specifications.

This means, when it comes to retaining the earth around your property boundary, you will be able to trust the concrete sleepers that we offer.

We ensure our sleepers are designed to last, withstanding the harsh Australian weather and providing peace of mind when installing concrete sleepers for retaining walls.

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How to Build a Retaining Wall with Adbri Masonry

If you’re planning to undertake a DIY retaining wall project, you can get all of your materials in one place with Centenary Landscaping.

Along with our concrete sleepers, we also provide the necessary materials to make the process a lot easier for you. Our team recommend ordering your products in advance for a weekend project, giving you the time to have everything delivered together, and purchase additional materials if need be. Your concrete sleepers and materials will be delivered a few days before you’re ready to get stuck into construction!

For large (high or long) retaining walls, do not attempt to construct in one weekend. Speak to us beforehand to ensure you’re planning your DIY project in the safest manner.

Browse Our DIY Guide Here.

Order Your Concrete Sleepers for Retaining Walls with Us!

If you’re ready to buy concrete sleepers for your retaining wall projects, browse our range online today to find everything you need. For more information, or general queries, contact us on (07) 3373 4999 to discuss our range or to discover the best solution for your design.

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