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4 easy ways to make your garden recycle friendly

As we all try to transition to be able to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s easy to see why learning more about garden compost and recycled construction materials is so important. We’ve come up with our top four ways to use recyclable items in your own backyard.

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1.  Make your own or use organic garden compost

One of the most sustainable gardening practices that can arguably be very satisfying to do is creating your own garden compost. Recycling green waste is so important and is a great natural and organic fertiliser to use that also helps save you money on bagged garden compost.

Here’s a few things you could add that’ll be perfect for your backyard composting:

  • grass clippings
  • dead leaves
  • flower heads
  • hedge trimmings
  • vegetable scraps/peelings

Alternatively, using organic garden compost and checking the ingredients in the mix is also a great option. This ensures that by adding this organic matter back into the soil, you’re helping to replenish depleted nutrients, improve soil fertility and stimulate healthy root development in plants.

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2.  Grow your own food

Another great way to reduce your environmental impact is growing your own food. Starting a vegetable patch and growing your own fruit and veggies helps save money whilst living a more sustainable lifestyle too.

You don’t even necessarily need a large area to be able to successfully grow your food, if there is sufficient sunlight and plenty of water, your plants should thrive. You can create a space using recycled construction materials as planter boxes to create the veggie patches too!

Through adopting this organic garden, it will not only help the reduction of your carbon footprint, but you’ll be eating food that has less harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides and are not grown on farms that use tractors that burn through fossil fuels.

3.  Think about using ecofriendly materials and recyclable items

Using sustainable materials and recyclable items in your garden, from the furniture to the planter pots will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing not to use plastic composters and using materials such as clay, cob (clay and straw), oak, wooden logs, or other recyclable items are all great to invest in for your backyard.

Rather than growing plants in plastic composters and pots, biodegradable options are great aesthetically and for a sustainable future.

Another way you can use more ecofriendly materials is by reusing recycled concrete and bricks or other materials that can be used as pavers or the outside of planter boxes so that you ensure these materials don’t go to waste.

4.  Conserve water

Water saving items are one of the best ways to help create a garden that’s recycle friendly. Although you will need plenty of water to have a lush, green garden, there are smart ways to preserve water including:

  • Landscaping your garden with native plants as they often require less water and look great too.
  • Always water your plants during the evening during summertime to prevent water loss from evaporation.
  • Look into installing an eco-friendly irrigation system. Ensure that it meets the correct size of your garden as well as considering the plants you have too. If you need more help on this, our skilled professional team are here to help you out!
  • Store your rainwater in a rainwater butt which can be used during the dry season.

Interested to Learn More?

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