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Using fire pits – How to protect your lawn

It’s cold outside, which means it’s a great time to have a backyard fire with a few mates or the family under the stars.

Creating an outdoor space where you can enjoy your fire safely is key. So, you must make sure that your fire is placed where it is away from the house, fence and other objects.

Unless you have a purpose-built fireplace away from your grass, the ideal placement for your fire may be on the lawn. If this is the case, you will need to take some steps by using a portable firepit to ensure your fire doesn’t cause those horrible dead scorch marks where it has killed your grass.

Here’s some simple tips to ensure your lawn is safe from your fire –

  • Fire safety is the most important aspect, so make sure you have a hose or extinguisher nearby and keep your fire to a manageable size where you don’t lose control. Rake out any debris and dead grass that might light if an ember manages to escape.
  • Raise your fire pit on a platform – Using bricks or concrete pavers will create a heat shield for the grass below. Just be sure to remove them once you are done, so that the grass underneath doesn’t die.
  • The grass underneath and surrounding your fire pit can still get quite warm from the heat of the fire, so giving it a water a few times throughout the night will help to cool it down if required.
  • Try not to use lighter fluid or other fuels that create extremely hot flames. You want the wood to catch fire naturally and slowly, building nice hot coals at its base.
  • There are many new types of fire pits available that are raised and adaptable to smaller backyards. It’s worth shopping around to find one that’s perfect you and your lawn area.

Article prepared by Lawn Solutions Australia.

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