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Treated Timber Sleepers

At Centenary Landscaping, we supply an extensive range of treated timber sleepers, including both CCA and ACQ treated pine sleepers and CCA treated hardwood.

These specific sleepers are the perfect option for a multitude of applications including (but not limited to) retaining walls, and garden edging. For use within a retaining wall construction, timber sleepers offer an abundance of benefits. Not only do they provide natural charm for your landscaping design, but they are one of the most cost effective solutions.

If you need treated timber sleepers Brisbane for your project, consider the range at Centenary Landscaping. Most of the timber treated through us are done using the common CCA method, which stands for Copper, Chrome, and Arsenic which is the fixing agent that holds the chemicals in the wood.

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Treated Timber Sleepers Brisbane

Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining walls, timber sleepers are one of the most cost effective solutions for the job. Not only are they affordable, but they are durable, prevent erosion and flooding, and bring more of a natural element to your property. With treated timber sleepers, your retaining wall has diverse design options as well, with the sleepers having the ability to be applied either horizontally or vertically.

For larger retaining walls (long or high), it is recommended you do not attempt construction all in one weekend with your treated timber sleepers Brisbane. Contact our team to discuss your project plans today.

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Garden Steps & Raised Beds

For garden steps or raised beds, our treated timber sleepers allow you to create levels within your front and backyards.

If you’re a landscaping enthusiast, or simply want to think outside the box with your property design, timber sleepers offer a multitude of design alternatives.

Offered in a range of earthy shades, Centenary Landscaping will be able to provide you with the right timber sleeper for your garden steps and raised bed solutions.

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Garden Steps & Raised Beds

Much like a retaining wall, timber sleepers can be used for garden edging. This gives your gardens a natural, rustic look while retaining the soil and mulch behind it, keeping your garden beds looking trimmed, streamlined, and uniform. At Centenary Landscaping, our treated pine sleepers and hardwood timber sleepers are a great solution for garden edging projects, as they reduce the risk of erosion, but they also increase your useable yard space while adding a touch of glamour.

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