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Sand & Base Material

When you are planning to elevate the appearance of your flowerbed with some hardscaping or considering building a retaining wall and need reinforcing materials the quality, availability, and range of construction materials and building materials are important to your project.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies makes deciding what materials to use and figuring out how to get them simple, we provide one-stop shopping with our ample range of products and easy to use delivery services that ship building materials Brisbane wide.

Whether you’re a DIY aficionado working on beautifying your yard or a professional landscaper preparing an extravagant outdoor kitchen, you’ll need landscape building materials at a fair price, available on your schedule, and easy to find.

We offer a wide range of construction materials from sand, cement, and reinforcing products to concrete blends and drainage gravel. Pore over our selection of building materials below to help get started on your next landscaping project.

Centenary Landscaping Supplies is your One-stop-shop for all sand and base material

Buy first-rate landscaping products for your next outdoor project at Centenary Landscaping Supplies. Browse our range of products and make your purchase online or contact us on (07) 3373 4999 for further enquiries.

Landscaping Sands & Blends

From laying bricks, blocks and pavers, to building sandpits or a Zen Garden oasis, our amazing variety of sand both decorative or for construction can do it all. One of the benefits of using Centenary Landscaping Supplies is that we take the cleanliness of our sand seriously. All of our sand is stored in individual concrete bays, reducing the chance of contamination and ensuring optimal quality.


Sand may not spring to mind as one of the most popular construction materials but it is affordable, beautiful, and decorative. It is the go-to material when you are looking to create a play area for your children and are looking for something safe to use or you’re contracted with a golf course and need stock that is USGA approved. At Centenary Landscaping Supplies we have the best pricing on excellent landscape building materials and an ample range of landscaping sand to choose from.


As building materials go, cement is the bond that holds many projects together and is necessary to get sands and concrete blends to work correctly. Chiefly used in making mortar and concrete, there are no other landscape construction materials as indispensable as cement. We offer a line of low-cost landscaping cement that can be picked up or delivered with other building materials Brisbane wide.

Reinforcing Products

Green walls are great for maximising your garden space or perhaps you are looking to add some privacy to your urban garden. Our reinforcing materials can be used for those projects or when you’re building a path through your backyard. We keep safety in mind and provide products that can be handled by one person when using the proper technique.

Concrete Blends

When you need building materials for landscaping projects that are versatile and strong, concrete is suitable for a variety of projects. It can make an attractive retaining wall for your garden, be used in making hardy long-lasting kerbing, and is perfect for creating long term bench planters. However, it isn’t always possible or easy to get premix to your location which creates the need for blending on site. Centenary Landscaping Supplies has developed Concrete Blend, a sand/gravel combination mixed to the perfect ratio and requiring only the addition of water and cement, to make getting concrete to your project easy.

Our concrete blends are easy to use and priced affordably.

Drainage Gravel

Some construction materials are just required to perform certain jobs and when you need water to flow freely, drainage gravel is the material you’ll need. Commonly used behind retaining walls or in drainage trenches under lawns and gardens, drainage gravel is a necessity for keeping water flowing. We offer drainage gravels in two sizes and are always willing to help you determine the exact amount you’ll need.

Ready to Get Going on Your Landscaping Project?

If you are looking for inspiration for your next landscaping design or information about other related products we suggest you look at the projects on the page and see how our range of landscaping construction materials can best serve you. You can easily browse and purchase the items you need on our online store to get exactly what you need when you need it.

We also encourage our customers to visit our Darra store at 26 Sumners Road to get visually and tactile sense of rocks and other goods to find the perfect fit. Of course, if you have any questions or need purchasing help, we welcome calls at (07) 3373 4999.

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