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PROFILE: Premium Pools & Gardens

Premium Pools & Gardens are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces. They also offer regular maintenance packages servicing residential, commercial and body corporate entities maintaining your pool and gardens ensuring the quintessential outdoor room.

We recently caught up with the lads, Mark, Marcus and Brent to get an insight into their business, what’s hot at the moment and what’s on the horizon for this fantastic local landscaping business.

Where did Premium Pools & Gardens begin?

Born out of a garage dream, Premium Pools and Gardens was established in 2009. The team consisting of myself Mark, Marcus and Brent recognised a gap in the market in offering Brisbane residents a combined pool and garden maintenance service. Within a very short time, PPG quickly expanded from pools and gardens to medium and large scale landscape construction projects overhauling outdoor spaces and helping our customer realise their dream landscapes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your company and the services you offer.

Premium Pools & Gardens Pty Ltd are QBCC licensed structural landscapers offering all hard and soft landscaping. We specialise in residential constructions, from renovation to new home landscaping and everything in between. We have experience in large-scale construction but also enjoy the small makeovers. We have a garden and pool maintenance division that services around 200 properties across Brisbane including commercial, residential and industrial properties. Our garden and pool maintenance packages provide us with an edge over a number of our competitors and make us a popular choice for real estate agents and Body Corporate Managers one-stop shop.

What are you finding is the most commonly requested inclusion in a new garden?

Lately, we have been installing a lot Artificial Turf. The quality turf on the market these days allows us to install into projects with the confidence it will last and look as good as the day we laid it for years to come. Artificial is a popular choice for homeowners that are time poor and need a low maintenance solution.

What was your favourite project completed over the last 12-months?

Over the past 12 months, we have completed over 75 construction projects ranging from $200,000 Commercial Construction to $1500 pre-sale makeovers. Helping clients achieve a better price for their home is really rewarding but my personal favourite was a small residential job where the clients had an unusable space in their backyard. With some simple changes, we were able to create 100sq/m of flat grassed area which created a whole new space for the kids to enjoy. Something that their kids had never had access to before and to see them run around on the grass and enjoy the space was a highlight for me. That’s why we do this type of work, to see people get use out of their space and enjoy their homes.

What keeps your customers coming back?

Good old fashion service and doing everything we say we will. We work closely with our clients from the quoting stage to hand over. We ensure our quotes are detailed and easy to understand and that the client knows exactly what they are going to get. We ensure they are happy with how the job looks throughout the process to ensure its exactly what they want. With 9 years of living by these rules, sees clients coming back time and time again.

What tips can you offer to homeowners just starting the process of planning a new large-scale landscaping project?

Jump on google and get some inspiration, set a budget and figure out what you would like to achieve with your landscaping. Contact a professional with a QBCC License to ensure you are working with a someone actually qualified for the work they are undertaking. Work with the estimator to see what fits the budget and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful space that you can enjoy.

Always keep in mind the materials you are using are going to need to stand the test of time. Be prepared for changes or variations in construction as unexpected items may arise. If you are prepared for any minor changes as the works progress it won’t come as a shock. Always put aside a contingency fund to cover any of those unforeseen changes.

What’s the most exciting part of what you do?

We love seeing the families enjoy a yard that we have built after years of living with unusable spaces or area that has become neglected. A landscaping upgrade can be as good as moving home, without all the work. Seeing our client’s reactions to a newly completed backyard reminds us of why we do what we do!

What is your signature design inclusion in any landscaping project?

I don’t think we have a “signature” inclusion as such as every space is unique. We do love suggesting the often overlooked and undervalued addition of garden lighting. A well-designed garden lighting scheme brings the space alive after dark and allows our clients to feature specific areas when the sun goes down as well as making the area more functional through the day and night. Lighting can be a cost-effective add-on to any landscaping project to show off your garden at night!

What’s your favourite piece of gear (tools, equipment etc.) and why?

We regularly upgrade equipment and tools to ensure the highest quality of work can be produced. Our fleet of trucks and utes are the backbone to our operation as having access to the right vehicle to complete the job can create huge savings to our clients by avoiding delivery costs and having the flexibility to store materials.

Our most prized possession, however, is our Walker Ride on Mower! This piece of equipment costs around $30,000 brand new, so as you can imagine, everyone is keen for a turn! The Walker Mower cuts and catches grass in large spaces in record-breaking times without compromising on quality, leaving the perfect cut every time.

Where to for PPG over the next 12-months?

This year we are focusing on our team! Cross training over the next 12 months will ensure we have 3 versatile construction crews qualified in all aspects of landscaping. We want to make sure our employees are progressing and becoming more experienced in all aspects of construction including tiling, decking, irrigation and other aspects of the landscaping trade. Our maintenance staff will be undergoing further training also to ensure our maintenance clientele are receiving the best possible service. We are committed to creating a workplace for our staff that is supportive and educational as they are the key to our success, delivering services and projects to the highest possible standard day in day out!

Check out Premium Pools & Gardens website for more information or give them a call on 0409 538 643 if you would like to engage a fantastic local landscaping company to transform your home and garden. You can also find them on the socials at facebook and instagram.

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