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UltraGrow Special Blend Top Dressing Soil

$13.00 25L

Special Blend Top Dress /25L Bag

Special Blend Top Dressing

The price displayed is 1 x 25L bag

Special Blend Lawn Top Dressing was out first successful attempt at making better soil mix back in 1987 when only ‘rubbish’ soils were available in the market and still are. It could be argued that little has changed.  The current Special Blend formula, though paying homage to the original product, is now certified and is far superior to any top dressing both past and present.

This top dressing is a light sandy loam from the same source as Valley Natural but it’s been processed through a 6mm screen making it one of the finest 80% soil-based top dressings on the market. It’s blended with 20% of our certified Enviro Humus-Compost to add carbon and natural nutrients.

It can be used as a robust soil for under and over turf or as a finely 6mm screened garden soil.  Boost the performance of this product through the addition of a quality fertiliser such as Restore or Organic Extra before application at around a 50mm depth.


  • 6mm screened natural topsoil,
  • Enriched humas compost (Certified AS-4454).

1.2 Tonne = 1 m3 = 50 x 25L bags

The UltraGrow Collection

Terry O’Shea (Managing Director) has been working tirelessly with soil scientists and agronomist to source quality waste free ingredients to formulate the best possible growing media that far exceed any Australian Standard currently in use in the landscaping industry. The resulting products presented here offer spectacular plant growth for you and your garden giving your plants the best possible start without compromise.

Weight 20 kg
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Conversion Guide

1.0 Tonne = 1m3 – 40 x 25L bags = 1m3

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