UltraGrow Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix

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UltraGROW Cacti & Succulent Potting 25L

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UltraGrow Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix is a new crafted mix from the UltraGrow range of garden products. It is most suitable for all types of cacti and succulents with open and free-flowing characteristics which is demanded by the most fastidious succulent growers compared to most regular potting mix blends.

There is enough nutrients to feed and maintain plant health for up to 16-months giving you spectacular results. Environmentally sustainable organic wetting agents (not useless crystals), a composite of soil conditioners, cation exchange enhancers and bio-chars set platinum potting mix apart as a unique product among growing media products without using inconsistent liquid and green waste.

Why use such a good potting mixture?

UltraGrow Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix guarantees instant success while many other products fail.  It’s the result of demanding research into producing a superior mix that will nurture plant life for many years. Remember, when you choose a potting mix you want the best results from your plant investment.

Fertiliser and Watering:

Thorough watering is required after planting to activate the microbes and nutrients incorporated in this UltraGrow Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix. These essential nutrients last up to 16-months while the bio inoculants make this a living medium resulting in healthy plant growth for many years.

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40 x 25L = 1m3

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