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Road Base CBR45 /25L Bag


Roadbase CBR45 Bag

Roadbase is typical a crushed blue stone made up of fines through to a 20mm aggregate. When compacted either manually or by machine, it will pack to a solid base perfect for filling or under pavers or footings. Roadbase is the superior and recommended product option for most compaction situations. Our Roadbase has a CBR rating of 45.

Available to purchase in a 25L bag or by the Tonne or fraction there of. If purchasing a larger quantity of material consider the bulk Tonnage option.

For more information on Filling and Compaction materials and help deciding which product is best for your project, visit the Filling & Compaction Resource Guide.

Weight 30 kg
Shipping Group


Bay No.


Conversion Guide

1.7 Tonne = 1m3 – 40 x 25L bags = 1m3

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