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Landscaping Concrete & Landscaping Cement

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Landscaping Concrete & Landscaping Cement

Centenary Landscaping offers a number of landscaping accessories, whether you’re a professional builder in need of high-quality landscaping concrete or a homeowner looking to tackle a DIY building project.

Our concrete and cement products are the ideal solution to help you create a beautiful outdoor environment. These concrete and cement products are available in a single bag or bulk order, meaning we will meet your needs no matter if you’re working on a large or landscaping with concrete on a small project.

Landscaping Concrete and Cement

Centenary Landscaping offers cement and concrete in 20kg bags, for seamless transportation and handling onsite. Our products are pre-mixed to easily make pavers, setting posts and blocks. This selection of landscaping cement products is sure to give you exactly what you’re looking for in your next landscaping project.

Brickies Own

If you require a concentrate that works to enhance mortar properties, try the Brickies Own concentrated plasticiser. Best to use when building block or brick walls, you can phase out tiny bubbles and improve smoothness and strength with the air entrainment properties of this product.

Builders Cement

This cement landscaping mixture provides the best result for building and construction projects as it meets the requirements of Type GB cement; it’s a general-purpose and blended cement mixture. The Builders Cement is suited for any project that requires concrete or mortar, making it more suitable to use in these projects over traditional cement. So if you’re looking for landscaping cement that is reliable and made of superior materials that offer lasting results, choose Builders Cement.

Concrete Mix

When you’re landscaping with concrete, choose a mix that is convenient and easy to use. This concrete blend contains cement, sand and aggregate, ideal for projects that require a first-class finish. Perfect for small jobs, this landscaping concrete mix can be used for paths, garden strips and slabs, foundations and more.

Buy Landscaping Cement and Concrete

Centenary Landscaping are the leading landscaping suppliers Brisbane wide. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with a number of landscaping concrete and cement products to ensure your project is in its best form. Browse our range of concrete and cement landscaping supplies online or call the team on 07 3373 4999 or use the online form for more information.

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