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Introducing New “Zythum Turf”

Zythum Turf Almost Available

We are excited to announce a fantastic new turf product to the market. Zythum Turf is a revolutionary new turf species from the Iocus’unum Aprilis family. Designed and grafted locally in South-East Queensland,  Zythum Turf has been specifically grown to suit Queensland conditions and has a number a unique features which will be sure to make it the first choice for Queensland backyards.

Mr Alexander Klein, Managing Director of Klein’s Turf, the chief growers and developers of the new breed, describes the turf as “…a real game changer for the world turf market” and “…a product that will put Queensland on the world Agricultural map, it’s the next big thing”. The turf had been designed as a zero maintenance product and in fact is a the first species of turf to be considered fully “Self Maintaining”. Essentially, Zythum Turf never needs to be mowed. Mr Klein describes it as the first turf on the market that is actually a shortening or shrinking grass turf rather then the regular growing variety.

Mr Alexander Klein – Zythum Turf Developer

Zythum Turf is also the first turf to be fully developed for market release with the incredible Colour Control© technology. Colour Control© gives the homeowner complete control of the turf colour hues to allow complete integration into any landscaping design. Through the use of Klein’s Farms carefully formulated Colour Control Fertilisers, adjusting the N-P-K levels of the turf grass, the colour can be controlled easily with a quick sprinkle. Hues from aqua, blue, lime, green, yellow and brown are easily achievable. It is like “…having a changeable, self-maintaining carpet in your backyard”, says Mr Klein.

To further stake the claim of being Queensland’s one and only choice in turf, Mr Klein tells of the 15 year development of Zythum Turf. Klein’s Farm, located in the outer suburbs of Brisbane’s West, was never intended to be used as a turf growing facility, and in its infancy, was poorly equipped to handle commercial agricultural turf growing. With poor irrigation facilities, and Queensland in the midst of one of the worst droughts the region had seen, the staff had to think outside the box to keep the farm sustainable.

XXXX Man, Milton

A deal was struck with Castlemaine Perkins Brewery to supply waste grey water from the beer production line in Milton, Brisbane. Thousands of litres of water were trucked weekly onto Klein’s Farm to supplement the poor local water supply. Mr Klein is quick to say “Zythum, with its greek meaning of yeast, is as much a QLD’er as you and me, it grew up on XXXX Gold too!”

To learn more about Zythum Turf, give us a call now on 33734999

Press Release Date: April 1st, 2016

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