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Ground cover: plants for down low

Do you have acres of gardens and too much of it blank? Ground cover plants are a perfect way to fill in an expanse of garden, under the canopy created by larger plants.  In a well-planted garden scheme, consider plants to create a canopy, followed by a dense low foliage layer. Then complete the scheme with under planting consisting on some of these fine examples of tough and trusty ground covers.


Dichondra Ground Cover. Source: Pinterest.
Dichondra Ground Cover. Source: Pinterest.

Dichondra is the perfect ground cover option for both full sun right down to fully shaded spaces under eaves or trees. Dichondra is a small, low to the ground, lively spreading plant with tiny kidney shaped leaves. You can walk across it without doing too much damage and you can even mow it if required!

Zoysia tenuifolia

Zoysia Tenuifolia

Like Dichondra, Zoysia tenuifolia (no mow) is a great lawn alternative in no traffic areas. However, this guy needs a bit more sun. Although it comes from a similar cultivar as a number of popular turf species such as Zoysia japonica, it is more of an ornamental style of grass. It has a slow upward growth and tufting nature which gives it a prehistoric appearance. A great feature in any garden bed!

Casuarina glauca ‘Cousin It’

Casuarina 'Cousin It' Ground Cover. Source: Steven Clegg Design
Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ Ground Cover. Source: Steven Clegg Design

Where to start with this one? Affectionately named after a character from the Addams Family due to its droopy appearance, Casuarinas are often called ‘native pines’ because their foliage bears a similarity to pine needles. Being native to Australian and the Pacific Islands, it can tolerate poor soil conditions from arid to waterlogged. And it looks amazing sprawled over open beds as well as cascading over retaining walls or boulders as they would in nature.

Mondo Grass

Mondo grass ground cover
Mondo grass ground cover

Still one of the most popular ground cover plants on the market. It can tolerate anything both you and mother nature can throw at it, is super fast growing, easily maintained and contained. These days you can choose from a variety of types from mini, midi and tall in both green and even black for a striking feature!

Star Jasmine Trachelospermum

Star Jasmin Ground Cover
Star Jasmin Ground Cover

Typically you see Chinese Star Jasmin creeping up walls and over fences throughout the suburbs emitting beautiful jasmine scent from their star-shaped white flowers. But the work great on the horizontal surface as well as the vertical. Goes well in the sun and shade and can handle drought and cold.


Gazania Flowers
Gazania Flowers

If the previous options were just a bit too green for you, try a Gazania (bless you!). No, it’s not the sound a sneeze makes, Gazanias are a genus of 16 species of annual and perennial daisies most of which hail from South Africa. With a huge range of colourful options available, you’ll be sure to find something that meets your taste. Their lovely showy flowers usually appear throughout the warmer months but are evergreen and spread like crazy! Check out your local roundabout, you’ll usually spot of clump of bright yellow flowers loving life in the worst conditions.

Source: The Home Edition Blog

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