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Garden Tree Care Tips

Did you know that a freshly planted tree needs a lot more care than mature ones? Much like humans, trees require a little more attention during their formative years to grow. This is because they’re beginning to establish their roots and need the right amount of nutrients to get big and strong. If you’re thinking of planting a tree, it’s important to cultivate the perfect growing environment from the get-go, as the first few years are critical to its long term health. To help you, we’ve come up with our top five tips on tree care in our handy guide below.

Tree care 101

#1: Pick the right spot

Ideally, your plant will need three elements to grow well – sunlight, water, and room to grow. Consider the tree species and whether it needs direct sunlight or day, or a mix of both sun and shade. If your tree is newly planted, it’s important to balance the watering to ensure your tree is getting the right amount of nutrients. Watering your tree correctly will help settle the soil, and keep it moist, which is especially important if the tree is under two years old.

#2: Research tree disease

When it comes to tree care, knowing what disease may potentially impact your tree can help you prevent or diagnose tree problems. If left untreated tree disease can quickly wreak havoc on the trunk and leaves of your tree, leaving it unsightly and unhealthy. When buying a new tree, it’s worth researching diseases beforehand and keeping an eye on your tree for any telltale signs.

#3: Don’t over water

One of the best things about tree care is how little maintenance it can be. For this reason, it’s important not to go overboard with watering or fertilising, as it can have a very negative impact on your tree. Young trees will require more care to help establish their roots in the soil and should be watered whenever the soil looks dry.

#4: Regularly mulch the base of your tree

Laying down mulch is key to keeping your tree healthy, as it helps retain moisture in the soil. It also helps to suppress the growth of weeds and encourage the development of soil microbial activity i.e. good soil nutrients. When laying down mulch it’s important not to create a ‘volcano,’ which is a formation of mulch steeped around a tree in a dome shape. Instead, try to create a doughnut shape, with the mulch circulating the tree evenly.

#5: Regularly prune the branches

Like a haircut, it’s important to regularly remove dead branches to keep your tree looking healthy. The amount of times you prune your tree each year depends on the species, but trees that bear flowers or fruit will require more maintenance. Signs your tree might need trimming include broken branches, diseased limbs, cracked bark, or when branches begin to criss cross or stray near powerlines.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on ‘Garden tree care tips.’ If you’d like more advice on caring for you tree, or are looking for the right bark and mulch for your tree species, contact Centenary Landscaping today and one of our landscaping experts will be in touch shortly.

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